eBook: Clever Sales Campaigns – Tips & Tricks

Techniques to help you grow your average order size by 10% or more

Product Video: Pepperi Business Rule Engine – Sales Agility and Growth

This clip contains great examples of business rules and how they give you unlimited sales flexibility

Product Video: Pepperi Integration to QuickBooks in 60 Secs

Increase B2B sales by extending QuickBooks to your mobile sales reps and customers.

Product Video: Overview of Pepperi’s B2B mobile order taking

Taking sales orders “on the road” is quick, powerful, and fully customizable.

White Paper: B2B E-commerce App – Should You Build or Buy?

Pros & cons of designing and building your own enterprise-grade mobile e-commerce app

Webinar: Trade Show Sales-Test Yourself

Watch the webinar then assess your overall Trade Show Rating!

eBook: 10 Costly Pitfalls to Avoid in Sales Rep Incentives

Comprehensive guide for creating a highly motivating, simple, and coherent sales incentive program

White Paper: Omni What?

What does omni-channel mean for the retailer, the wholesaler, the manufacturer and the brand?

White Paper: Beyond Salesforce for CPG Sales Automation

Why traditional CRMs don’t cut it for consumer goods sales automation

Case Study: Ogi Eyewear Sets its Sights on Pepperi’s Mobile Sales

How increased sales efficiency gave sales reps more time to sell

Webinar: 7 BI Essentials to Skyrocket Your Sales

Recording – How to effectively use Business Intelligence to drive your company’s B2B sales.

White Paper: Death of the Salesman – Long Live the Salesman!

Is the salesman dead or just evolving?

Case Study: Rip Curl Rides the Waves of the Pepperi Sales Platform

Rip Curl needed a solution to speed up and simplify order-taking and sales admin

Webinar: How to Cleverly Use Sales Campaigns to Grow your B2B Sales

Recording – Explores ways by which B2B CPG sales can use clever campaigns & promotions

Product Video: How to import your items and product images to Pepperi

Step by step instructions on how to load product information and images in bulk to Pepperi

Infographic: 15 Hard-hitting Facts Every Sales Rep Should Know

We’ve collected the 15 most eye-opening facts to help sales reps achieve their goals.

Product Video: Pepperi Route & Activity Planning for Sales Reps

Intuitive and simple route and activity planning for your sales reps in the field gives improved control

Product Video: Pepperi New Release – Navigation, Favorites & Wishlists

Improved efficiency with embedded navigation & favorites / wish lists that reduce ordering time

Webinar: 10 Costly Pitfalls to Avoid in Sales Rep Incentives

Recording – Roadmap for creating a highly motivating, and coherent sales incentive program

Webinar: 12 Killer Tactics for Trade Show Success

Recording – Udi Ledergor, shares his proven and practical recipe for trade show success

Report: Top Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution Providers, 2016

Frost & Sullivan, a leading analyst firm, evaluates top mobile sales force automation solutions