Chex’s Partners Accelerate Sales with Pepperi B2B Commerce

January 10, 2022 By Yana Persky

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Our latest case study shows how Pepperi helped Chex Finer Foods, a 3rd generation specialty food distributor, supplying over 750 retail grocery stores from Maine to Florida, to accelerate their leadership position on the East Coast by providing their customers a “next-generation” buying experience.
Chex was looking for an e-Commerce solution to ‘upgrade’ their sales team into trusted experts for their customers and outperform the competition. The project went live in less than 90 days, and the company transitioned all their sales reps and customers over to Pepperi within a 6-month window.
Discover how Chex has benefitted from Pepperi’s omnichannel sales platform and get inspiration to serve your industry best!
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