iPaaS & API Integrations

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Pepperi offers robust integration capabilities and securely integrates with cloud or on-premise ERP and backoffice systems, making data fully accessible to field reps and buyers, on all devices, online and offline. You can also extend Pepperi with best-of-breed 3rd party software that provides shipment tracking, payments, BI and more.

Integration Options

Our integration platform and standard APIs provide the flexibility needed to automate business processes and allow companies to seamlessly share data across all applications

Configure and orchestrate two-way integrations with your back office systems via generic connectors, directly from the Pepperi web admin console. a low-code iPaaS system for integrating data and UI extensions.

Key Features

Configure integration dataflow and monitor data exchange from the Pepperi web admin console

Rep and customer transactions are immediately created in your backend systems

Scheduling of data jobs per business entity that is being synchronized

Real-time validation processing, alerts & notifications, integration logs


Provide your team real-time data so they can make informed decisions

Eliminate data entry errors by getting real-time responses from your backend system

Reuse of existing web services, knowledge, and assets

Short time-to-market vs. API integration

Pepperi API makes it easy for your IT team to integrate Pepperi with 3rd party systems by leveraging an open, standards-based API. It is now easier than ever to quickly build robust integrations between Pepperi and your backend systems: ERP, CRM, Accounting or Business Intelligence tools

Key Features

Access standard Pepperi objects and fields as well as User Defined Tables and User Defined Fields

Integration using .NET, Java, PHP or any other development language that supports REST-based API

Robust API filtering queries over your Pepperi data using familiar SQL style syntax

Optimized data transfer by defining the desired set of fields of the API response

Web-based developer center to access the API are build integrations


Leverage your business backend processes and data for a consistent and up-to-date omnichannel experience

Gain real-time transaction integration using Webhooks

Super-fast data sync between Pepperi and your backend

Build bullet-proof integrations – leveraging Pepperi API error handling

Highly secure – use Pepperi API over SSL and OAuth 2.0 authentication

Pepperi provides 2 types of API endpoints

Standard RESTful API – provides access to Pepperi’s data objects, with a rich set of API features, including advanced data filters and definition of specific response fields.

Bulk-upload API – optimized for massive uploads and downloads of data from your backend systems into Pepperi and vice versa. It uses either JSON or CSV, in an asynchronous mode.

The client-side API enables enhancement of the Pepperi app functionality with custom rules and logic applied to real-time client data (hence also available when offline), for example: create custom dashboards and reports for reps, enable promotions based on a complex set of conditions including real-time customer purchasing decisions, and much more.

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