Optical & Eyewear B2B Wholesale Software

B2B Optical & Eyewear Sales Platform

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Optical & Eyewear B2B Wholesale Software

B2B Optical & Eyewear Sales Platform

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If you’re in the eyewear industry, your sales process is unique. Numerous items with multiple variants create complexity: color, shape, material, lens type, UV rating, and more. This makes frame board management, sell through visibility, quick replenishment, product variant views and returns management a must.

Pepperi is the tool of choice for leading brands and wholesalers in the eyewear industry looking to boost B2B field sales and provide their customers with a B2B eCommerce storefront for self-service ordering.


Pepperi has given us the collaborative platform that we were looking for. It’s very easy to use and has made our frame reps much more organized and productive.

Jonathan Lewis, Managing Director, General Optical, Australia

Jonathan Lewis, Managing Director, General Optical, Australia

B2B eCommerce

24x7 Self-service ordering
  • Enable your B2B customers – optical stores, opticians, department stores or distributors – to be well-stocked with their best-selling eyewear by providing them access to your B2B e-commerce storefront.
  • Available via a web portal and a native mobile app, your B2B customers easily enter their own orders, track shipping and invoice status, and gain access to personal sales dashboards.


  • With a branded and always-up-to-date e-catalog, frame reps don’t need to carry around expensive samples and you don’t need to worry about insurance.
  • Smart search by multiple properties such as style, frame and lens material, type and size of bridge and temple, coatings and more, enable your sales reps to efficiently present the right items to your customers, and impress them to buy.

Mobile Order Taking &
Frame-board Management

  • Pepperi provides the most flexible frame-board-management solution in the market, giving you accurate sell through visibility, so you can quickly replace low-performing items and make sure best-sellers are always available.
  • Optimized for selling Eyewear, smart variant views and prescription lens ordering make order taking quick and easy.
  • Replenishment recommendations, RMA and samples management, order templates and the ability to duplicate and manipulate past orders save time and increase frame rep efficiency, productivity and sales order accuracy.

Store Merchandising

Perfect retail execution means greater sales and improved brand presence at the point of purchase. With Pepperi, your reps can quickly take count of in-store inventory, audit pricing, check the competition, take photos of displays and report on compliance issues using mobile forms and surveys. All in-store activities can be geo-tagged & time-stamped, and be monitored by management and acted upon in a timely manner.

Cross-sell & Upsell Promotions

Increase order size & gross margins

Pepperi allows you to manage multiple promotions across all channels simultaneously, using an intuitive user interface for non-technical sales and marketing admins. You can showcase new and best-selling items, cross-sell products, eliminate stagnant inventory and promote bundles in catalogs, search results or carts using a range of incentives such as personalized promotions and discounts according to predefined logic.

Mobile CRM

Provide your frame reps with a 360-view of your customer prior purchases, outstanding invoices, top items, and more. Sales reps and managers can create and manage tasks, visit summaries, reminders, track performance vs. targets and more – all in one place.

Order Management

  • Manage and control all your orders – from sale reps and from your online store – in a single system.
  • Gain valuable insights into order fulfillment issues, top and least performing products, customer buying trends, and more.
  • Assess channel effectiveness to optimize and promote the desired sales channels mix for your B2B customers.
order management dashboard

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