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Key Eyewear Features:


Frameboard Management


Trade Promotions


Returns / Buy Back



Filtering and multi-level advanced search

Locate items in seconds with advanced filters like Brand, Collection, Color, Style, Frame, Lens material, Bridge size and Type, Coating...


Save the Wishlist per customer, allowing each buyer to create a dynamic list of items they wish to purchase or review at a later time.

Integrated Virtual Try-on

Try on glasses from the comfort of your couch

Rich product descriptions

Educate customers about product features and benefits before they complete their purchase

Frameboard Management

Frames in Stock

Check which frames are currently displayed, and which are to be discontinued or exchanged

Automated Replenishment Recommendations

Take control of your frame board & optimize stock levels based on: Time-on-shelf, Top-selling items, Inventory levels (at the warehouse)

Inventory Mix

Decide on frame mix (men's, women's, children's and sunglasses) depending on your customer demographics

Frames Turn Rate

Ensure your frame display is keeping up with sales. Optimize the display based on turn rate.


Multi-Store Buyer

Add multiple accounts under one designated buyer who purchases for all their stores

Order by Frame Variants

Place orders by color and size using dedicated views

Discount & Tax Calculation

Calculate discounts based on various predetermined loyalty programs and multiple tier levels. Support different tax calculations, such as municipal vs state tax.

Trade Promotions

Variety Discounts

Create discount logic like: Order a case of 'X' and 'Y' and offer a case of 'Z' for free

Mix and Match

For example: Buy multiple SKUs mix and match get $Y off / get Y% off

End of Order

Spend over $X and get item Y free / get $Y off / get Y% off

Category Threshold

Buy more than $X amount from a category or a list, and receive a discount on the order level


Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Assign each account/sales rep to one warehouse

Stock Taking

Check and manage your in-store inventory for optimal sell-through (also via barcode scanning) and push back to ERP

On-the-Fly Stock Prioritization

View stock future availability dates and allow cart with multiple line items of the same SKU with multiple delivery dates

Real-Time Inventory / Prices

Provide access to real-time inventory and pricing

Returns / Buy Back

Predefined rules and criteria

Create unlimited predefined criteria to authorize returns

Self-service returns mechanism

Allow customers to submit their own requests for returned merchandise authorization using pre-defined rules & criteria

All-in-one returns workflow

Create a consistent returns experience across multiple sales channels


Scorecards Information

Display the value of current/monthly orders, against targets

Year over Year (YoY) Charts

Compare current annual sales with previous years

Target Charts

Track your sales reps by any targets

Top-Selling Items

View top-selling items in different accounts/regions

Why Pepperi B2B Sales Platform for Eyewear & Optical?

  • Unified platform for eyewear wholesalers
  • Unparalleled out-of-the-box functionality, ease of use & configurability
  • Works on-and-offline
  • White-label app (Google Play & App Store)

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If you’re in the eyewear industry, your sales process is unique. Numerous items with multiple variants create complexity: color, gender, shape, material, lens type, UV rating, and more. This makes features like frame board management, quick replenishment, order taking with variant views, and capturing returns a must. Pepperi is the tool of choice for leading brands and wholesalers in the eyewear industry looking to boost their B2B field sales and provide their customers with a B2B e-commerce storefront for self-service ordering.

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