Let your sales shine with Pepperi for Jewelry & Watches

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Let your sales shine with Pepperi for Jewelry & Watches

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If you sell watches or jewelry, you are probably struggling with sell-through approximations and dead inventory, field sales monitoring, complex pricing schemes, and real-time sales performance analysis.

Pepperi for Jewelry and Watches is a sales platform for brands and wholesalers with on-the-go sales teams, that accelerates order taking and increases average order size. It provides you retail-store inventory levels and sell-out visibility so you can make smarter production and sales decisions.

Pepperi opens your business to your B2B customers so they can order 24×7, delivering memorable buying experiences across all your sales channel.


Pepperi’s deep industry know-how, which is embedded in their software, gave us the confidence we needed in a long-term, strategic partner.

Ronnie Bernheim, Chairman, Mondaine

Ronnie Bernheim, Chairman, Mondaine

Mobile Order Taking

Respond faster to your retailer needs. Equipped with sell-through visibility, information about top-selling items, and a lighting-fast mobile order taking app, sales reps are empowered to make informed sales recommendations and maximize order value.

B2B eCommerce

Publish your e-catalog on your website and in a branded mobile app, and have your B2B customers order directly from your online storefront. Assign catalogs to customers, manage pricing, track and fulfill your B2B sales orders, and much more.

b2b ecommerce platform - jewelry and watches


Reps can showcase multiple hi-res images of jewelry and watches and zoom into minute details and mechanisms. Carrying around product samples and paying high insurance costs are a thing of the past – all you need is your tablet device. Filter and present diamonds by shape, carats, color and clarity; wristwatches by style, type of band; chains by metal type, length, weight – it’s your choice and it’s easy.

Retail Execution

Enable your field reps to easily perform in-store stock-taking and other in-store activities through configurable mobile surveys, audit forms, geo-tagged photos and visit reports. This information is instantly made available to sales management to monitor sell-through, dead inventory, on-shelf display, compliance issues, competition, and new product introduction.

Order Management

Pepperi Order Management provides you with central control of all sales orders taken across your sales channels, as well as your product inventory levels across retail stores. The net result is invaluable sell-through information, enabling you to make informed production, distribution, and pricing decisions.

order management dashboard

Mobile CRM

Sales reps easily access all sales activities and pertinent customer information from a single view, whether in or out of the office. Sales reps and managers can view and manage tasks, visit reports, reminders, goals, sales history, customer debt and more.

watch & jewelry mobile CRM

Cross-sell & Upsell

Increase order size & gross margins

Pepperi allows you to manage multiple promotions across all channels simultaneously, using an intuitive user interface. You can showcase new and best-selling products, eliminate stagnant inventory and promote bundles in catalogs, search results or carts using a range of incentives such as personalized promotions and discounts according to predefined logic.

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