Create B2B e-commerce catalogs that sell for you

Create e-catalogs

Multiple catalogs

Multiple catalogs, each serving different B2B customers, allow you to tailor what you sell and whom you sell it to.

Multiple price lists

Set up multiple price lists per catalog to provide you with online sales flexibility.

Custom presentation

Custom navigation schemes and product organization per catalog deliver an optimal customer experience.

Multiple product views

Thumbnail, gridline, and item detail views enable you to showcase your brand.

Flexible promotions

Discounts and special offers drive higher online sales volumes; customizable up-sell and cross-sell promotions increase sales order size.


A multiple currency platform enables you to take orders whichever way your customers wish to pay.

Publish e-catalogs and launch your B2B e-commerce site

b2b e-commerce software

Mobile storefront app

Launch your B2B storefront in a mobile app that your B2B customers download and use wherever and whenever they choose.

Web storefront

A secure login embedded in your website enables a ‘plug & play’ approach to eCommerce software security.

Your mobile app, your branding

Your own mobile B2B e–commerce app branded with your name, logo, email domain, and high-res images — available for download from the Apple, Google Play, and Windows app stores.

Simple and intuitive

A B2C-like shopping cart experience, configured to your specific needs, makes it simple for your customers to order from your B2B e-commerce app or website.

Easy customer signup

Self-registration process for your B2B customers – retail stores, distributors, and importers – makes it simple to sign up and do business with you.

Status alerts

Automated email notifications – based on your e-commerce workflows – keep you in close touch with your customers throughout the ordering process.

Maintain full control of your B2B e-commerce business

Retain control of your B2B e-commerce business

Goals and targets

Plan, set, and monitor e-commerce goals at multiple levels: per customer, per catalog, and per product line.

Approval workflows

Integrate with Pepperi’s web-based order management platform, to easily set up approval workflows to match the way you handle your e-commerce sales orders, returns, and invoices.

Order confirmation

Send your B2B customers order confirmations via custom PDF and spreadsheet formats.

Sales performance insights

Gain business insights such as top performing items by customer and category, sales trends by customer, actual vs. planned sales, using dashboards and reports.

Customizable dashboards

Customizable BI gadgets provide you the flexibility to track business KPIs to make informed business decisions.

Customer self-service monitoring

Provide your customers with a self-service sales order dashboard so they have full visibility into what they purchased, when, and for how much, visibility into order fulfilment and goal attainment.

Secure e-commerce payment

Pepperi's B2B e-commerce software platform integrates seamlessly to all popular payment gateways and accounting systems, allowing you to securely enter and store payment information without compromising financial data integrity.

Fully integrated solution

Central configuration

Pepperi B2B e-Commerce portal leverages the same e-catalog capabilities that your sales reps use for mobile order-taking, to configure product catalogs and pricing once, then deploy to both your sales reps and your B2B customers.

Omni-channel B2B sales

Your field sales reps can view their customers’ e-commerce self-service orders.

Omni-channel control

Business intelligence dashboards present consolidated view of your field sales orders as well as your B2B e-commerce orders.

2-way ERP integration

Pepperi B2B e-commerce software is integrated to 60+ERP and accounting systems, with automatic integration to inventory, accounts, and order data.