Order Taking App

Sell more, better and faster

See It in Action

Order Taking App

Sell more, better and faster

See It in Action

Empower your sales team to sell more, sell better, and sell faster

Help field reps connect to your customers, by providing them complete account information in the field

Manage, control and benchmark your sales reps’ work

Understand your B2B sales channels: sell-through data, trade promotions performance and more

dream moment

Dream Moment

“Pepperi’s magic lies in its flexibility, which allows us to modify workflows, business rules, and forms quickly and easily – without writing a single line of code.”

George Bowley, US IT Director, SodaStream

dream moment

Mobile order taking done your way

built for CPG B2B sales

Catalog-centric B2B Sales

Out-of-box sales rep app for planning, order-taking and analysis

Omnichannel by Nature

Consistent experiences across web, mobile, call-center, and in-person

Unmatched Flexibility

Sell exactly like you want and adapt at the speed of business

Inherently Mobile

Take orders online and offline with native multi-platform mobile sales apps

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Key Features

Mobile Order Taking

Fast and efficient order taking using e-catalogs, purchase history, replenishment or barcode scans

e-Catalog Software

Wow buyers with stunning catalogs, up-to-date inventory and detailed product & marketing information

Mobile CRM

360° view of customers including order history, invoices, payments, returns and more, so reps can make informed decisions

Offline/Online Apps

Keep selling even when offline with native field sales apps (iOS, Android) that auto-sync when connectivity returns

built for CPG B2B sales

Custom Pricing

Tailor catalogs, pricing, discounts and trade promotions per customer

Promotions & Discounts

Increase order size and improve margins by cross-selling and upselling, while enforcing your specific business rules


Accept payments of any type through field sales software integration with payment gateways

Global Ready

Localize – language, currency, tax rules, units of measure, shipping costs and options and more

Activity Planner

Plan your day on a map within the sales rep software, applying business logic to segment and prioritize customers

Order Validation

Order validation and approval based on your business rules and logic

Speed Order-to-Cash

Configurable workflows managing cut-off dates, delivery schedules, routing to specific warehouses and more

In-store Activities

Form-guided retail execution, for display auditing, merchandising, stock-taking, and replenishment

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Empowering Reps, Managers and IT Teams


With the growing complexity of sales processes, your field sales teams may struggle to succeed. Pepperi’s field sales app streamlines and optimizes day-to-day sales activities, empowering them to be the best they can be.

  • Complex orders made simple through flexible workflows
  • True mobility with offline data, unplugged logic, and mobile sales app autosync
  • Stay on track with sales software dashboards and reports
  • Focus on customer relationships, not on administration


Changing market dynamics and rising customer expectations are challenging the entire CPG value-chain. Pepperi connects your managers to sales rep & customer activities, empowering them to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Territory and staff management to scale operations
  • Pricing, discounting and promotions your way
  • Gain visibility into rep and customer behavior to optimize sales
  • BI Dashboards to stay on top of KPIs


Competitive business environments and demanding customers keep challenging your IT team. Pepperi provides the flexibility and reliability they need to succeed.

  • Global-ready, enterprise-grade cloud platform offloads IT operations
  • Integrate the mobile sales tool once with your ERP and leverage it across B2B channels and tools
  • Off-the-shelf mobile devices, intuitive user interface, and true mobility minimize IT support resources
  • Configure everything to suit your exact business objectives – permissions, approvals, notifications, workflows, catalogs, look & feel and more


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