From home décor and patio accessories to tools and arts & crafts – Pepperi is optimized with workflows and business logic to accelerate sales of wholesalers in the home and giftware sector.

Provide your field sales agents with mobile sales apps to facilitate catalog order taking, while increasing average deal size and promoting your brand image.
Provide your B2B retail customers with access to your online storefront so that they can place order directly from your website or mobile app, wherever they may be.

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e-catalog for Home and Gift


At a trade show or at a customer’s office show your products in vivid colors using a high resolution stunning eCatalog. Specifications, multiple views of each product, smart filters and favorites make it easy to navigate and find your products.

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mobile order taking for Home and Gift

Mobile Order Taking

Take orders quickly, anytime and anywhere, with an easy and intuitive app, which works in online and offline mode. Pepperi provides time-saving mobile barcode scanning features that enable you to check inventory availability when presenting your products. With up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, you are well equipped to maximize your sales opportunities.

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mobile-merchendise for Home and Gift

Mobile Merchandising

Effective retail execution requires you to plan in detail customer visits, including the travel routes for your field reps and the in-store activities to be performed. Monitor the activities as they are executed in the field by equipping your field reps with mobile merchandising software to capture all pertinent information about retail audits, compliance issues, and visit reports.

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B2B e-Commerce

Publish your catalog to your branded mobile storefront or website, so your customers can order directly from you at any time and anywhere - whether behind the counter, walking the shop floor, or in the store warehouse. Assign different catalogs to different customers while staying in control of the sales process.

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order management for Home and Gift

Order Management

View, approve, and submit for fulfillment orders captured by your field sales team at retail stores, trade shows, and showrooms, as well as orders entered by your customers through your B2B e-commerce storefront. Bi-directional integration to your ERP ensures that all approved orders are processed with minimal errors, reducing order-to-cash cycle.

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Mobile CRM for Home and Gift

Mobile CRM

See the full picture of what's happening in your accounts while on the go, with mobile dashboards and reports. The information includes lists of most ordered items, debts outstanding, previous sales transactions, visit reports and phone call summaries. Armed with this information, sales reps can make informed sales decisions while engaging face-to-face with your customers.

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Testimonial - Vagabond House

A Pepperi fan who loves using the Pepperi mobile sales app at trade shows to take orders fast and efficiently.

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michael aram

Testimonial - Michael Aram

Michael Aram's sales reps are loving Pepperi's ease of use and mobile functionality.

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