B2B Consumer Electronics Sales


Optimized for consumer electronics sales — where sales speed is crucial — Pepperi is the sales app of choice for leading brands and wholesalers. Plug into Pepperi and increase B2B sales across channels — field sales and B2B self-service.

Pepperi sales suite combines catalog order taking, mobile CRM, sales order management, and more, delivered via native mobile apps that work in offline and online mode.

e-catalog for consumer elecronics


Equip your sales reps with an impressive, mobile e-catalog. Pepperi's e-catalog is fully configurable, allowing you to present all your product details and attributes. Display several models of a product, its colors and dimensions, from different angles, and in various settings. Compare products side by side and show close-ups of details. Sales reps can show promotional material, supporting documents, PDFs and videos for assembly instructions, specs, and warranties.

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mobile order taking for consumer electronics

Mobile Order Taking

Sales reps can quickly and easily browse through and locate, display and order electronic products according to specified categories and sub-categories such as brand, size, model and price. Easily make changes, apply discounts and special offers. Reps can also use a barcode scanner to quickly check product inventory and place orders without any paperwork.

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mobile-merchendise for consumer electronics

Mobile Merchandising

Pepperi Mobile Merchandising enables operations managers to schedule store visits, plan travel routes and activities to be performed, and monitor in-store retail execution. Field reps capture, via mobile app, images for surveys, compliance audits, geo-tagged photos, proof of execution and visit reports.

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B2B e-Commerce

Your B2B customers can order directly from your online storefront. Set up multiple catalogs and assign them to your customers. Then, publish and launch your online storefront on your website, or in a dedicated mobile app. Finally, all orders submitted by your B2B customers are integrated into your ERP or accounting software, ensuring the integrity of your systems.

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Mobile CRM for consumer electronics

Mobile CRM

Sales reps can pinpoint the locations of customers and prospects and organize the most efficient route for the day, enabling them to visit more clients. Reps plan their customers activities -- leveraging interactive dashboards -- and document all interactions performed with the customer: sales calls, sales visits, and any required follow-ups.

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