Sell in style with Pepperi for
Fashion Apparel & Accessories

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Sell in style with Pepperi for
Fashion Apparel & Accessories
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The fashion, apparel and accessories industry mandates that brands and wholesalers sell pre-seasonduring-season and post-season.

This means that selling B2B fashion products must be flexible and customizable, with multiple catalogs, line sheets, product sizing options and price levels, support future inventory, split orders with several delivery dates, pre-packs and more.

These capabilities, among others, have made Pepperi the indispensable B2B sales solution for distributors of clothing, fashion accessories and footwear, worldwide.

Vivian McDonald, Director of Sales, Signal Products, (Guess Handbags), USA

“Pepperi has made our international ordering process easier, faster and much more efficient.”

Vivian McDonald, Director of Sales, Signal Products, (Guess Handbags), USA

Vivian McDonald, Director of Sales, Signal Products, (Guess Handbags), USA

Vivian McDonald, Director of Sales, Signal Products, (Guess Handbags), USA


  • Arrange hi-res images to showcase your products and brand in a stunning customizable e-catalog, zooming in on monograms, stitching and material.
  • Present items in a matrix view (by color, size, etc.), set up multiple catalogs, create and share line sheets per season and/or customer, provide specific pricing per customer
  • Use smart filters, bookmarks and favorites to make catalog navigation quick and easy.

Mobile Order Taking

Order quickly from your tablet, while upselling-and cross-selling at your client stores, at a pre-season showroom, or at a fashion trade show. Search by multiple attributes (style, brand, color, price, material, dimensions, etc). Connectivity is never an issue with an offline mode that auto-syncs when you’re back online. And use your own device – iOS or Android – because we support them all.

B2B eCommerce

Assign your in-season and post-season catalogs and price books to your customers. Publish, and open up your business for 24×7 self-service ordering. Your B2B customers access your online storefront via a tablet app or from your website, putting an end to onsite replenishment, and improving customer satisfaction.

fashion B2B eCommerce

Trade Promotions

Increase order size & gross margins

Pepperi allows you to manage complex trade promotions across all channels simultaneously, using an intuitive user interface. You can showcase new products, eliminate stagnant inventory and promote bundles in catalogs, search results or carts using a range of incentives such as personalized promotions and discounts according to pre-defined logic.

Mobile CRM

Manage your customers directly from your tablet. Plan your customer activities, document your customer visits and required actions using customizable forms, photos taken at the store and attachments. Schedule reminders and leverage performance dashboards to quickly gain customer insights.

Retail Execution

Plan, monitor and enable quick execution of in-store activities by your field reps: picture-taking of store displays, customer satisfaction surveys, new season feedback, store audits, and more. All activity data is captured by reps via intuitive mobile forms, and instantly made available to sales and brand managers to identify compliance issues, attend to customer complaints, and monitor new product lines.

Order Management

Pepperi Order Management lets you easily manage and fulfill your sales orders, year-round. It supports pre-ordering, dividing orders for shipment by bulk, central management of all orders from all sales channels, customizable order approval workflows, and integration with all major ERP platforms for order fulfillment.

order management dashboard
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