Podcast 14: Build a Successful B2B SaaS Business

the my future business show

Watch or listen to Pepperi Co-Founder and CEO Ofer Yourvexel as he shares his personal journey from the early days as a start-up with Rick Nuske, the host of ‘My Future Business’ podcast.Ofer also opens up on fun memories from his childhood, hobbies, people that influenced him, pets he loves, daily routine and much more….

Co-Founder and CEO of Pepperi, Ofer Yourvexel, talks about what it takes to build a successful SaaS B2B business in a highly competitive and well-funded market using just inbound marketing.

Ofer also explains how Pepperi strives to streamline and differentiate the key B2B sales processes for brand manufacturers and wholesalers by providing a fully connected sales experience for a sales team and a seamless, omni-channel buying experience for B2B customers.

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