Mobile CRM

360° view of a customer at your fingertips

Mobile crm that gives you a 360 view of your customers

Maximize sales

Pepperi’s mobile CRM solution provides sales reps with valuable insights into the performance and needs of their retailers – including top selling products, relevant cross-sell and upsell offers, and sales performance trends – so they can maximize the size of each sales order.

Build trust

With Pepperi’s mobile CRM system sales reps have instant access to sales and payment history, debt status, email correspondence, phone conversations, visit reports and more, to be able to effectively consult and answer customer inquiries onsite.

Address issues

With Pepperi’s mobile CRM system, your reps and support staff gain full knowledge about prior service requests, and what customers complained about or were happy with in the past, so they are fully informed prior to their next customer interaction.

Maximize productivity on the road

A mobile CRM is key for productivity on the road

Who to visit

Decide which customers to visit using any combination of business filters. For example, Tier 1 customers not visited in the past 30 days that have not performed self-service orders.

When to visit

Determine when and in what order to visit your customers, by simply dragging customers from a map directly to your calendar.

How to get there

Pepperi Mobile CRM solution integrates with popular mobile GPS navigation apps, such as Google Maps, Waze, and iMaps, to minimize travel time.

Capture and share onsite customer interactions

mobile crm

Mobile data capture

Reps use configurable mobile forms and surveys to quickly and accurately capture onsite interactions with customers.

Information sharing

Reps selling different product lines to the same customer know about each other’s activities and can answer all questions, not just those pertaining to their specific products.

Team work

Sales tasks can be distributed among sales reps and can be traced and tracked by team managers.

Sales intelligence puts you in control

Mobile Sales intelligence puts you in control

Sales performance management

Managers use Pepperi Mobile CRM system to assign sales reps to territories and to customers, set sales goals, and monitor sales performance metrics using dashboards and reports.

Sales activity monitoring

Geo-tagged and time-stamped sales activities of the sales team can be viewed in a map view and analyzed to identify and act upon gaps in sales execution.

Sales analytics

Quickly report on projected and actual sales by: retailer, sales rep, product line, and item. Use alerts, dashboards, and ad-hoc reports, to gain actionable sales performance insights.

Native, multi-platform mobile CRM apps that run offline

mobile crm


Designed and optimized for iOS and Android, Pepperi’s Mobile CRM runs natively on your reps’ existing and future tablets, reducing hardware costs and providing an unmatched user experience.

Works 100% offline

Offline mode allows you to access sales and customer data at all times, even with network failures and during flights; device-side logic enables execution of tasks when disconnected; synchronization occurs in the background, once connectivity is back.

Embedded mobile device functionality

Pepperi Mobile CRM makes full use of the functionality inherent to mobile devices, such as geo-location, GPS navigation, picture taking, calendars, and contacts to provide a rich user experience and maximum productivity.

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