#1 Trade Show App: Trade Show Mobile App & Order Taking System

"Pepperi mobile trade show app is the only system we found that helps us manage the entire sales cycle, beyond simplifying ordering at trade shows."

Kathy Youngblood - Regional Sales Manager, Altair, US

Sales reps take more and bigger orders

In a fraction of the time

  • Smart searches and advanced filters enable reps to find exactly what they are looking for in seconds

  • Detailed information page for each product allows quick responses to customers' questions

  • Orders can be taken in a snap using a wireless barcode scanner

  • Range selections and photo quotations are created and emailed to your customers in seconds

  • Cross-selling and upselling increase average order size

  • Integrated online payment allows you to accept and securely process payment on the floor

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Mobile sales suite - e-catalog

Pepperi's trade show app - offline mode

Means no downtime

  • Internet connectivity and speed never interfere with productivity

  • Sales reps can take orders and access information about products and customers at all times

  • Synchronization (e.g. with an ERP system) occurs automatically once a connection is established

  • Zero order loss from technical failures

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Customizable e-catalog

Looks sophisticated but is easy-to-use

  • Show up to six hi-res pictures per product, in a variety of views, along with attachments and video links

  • Reps save valuable time with ready-made order templates integrated into the trade show app

  • Ability to sort by price/inventory level; indicate special offers; and mix & match products means less browsing and quicker ordering

  • Ability to sort by price/inventory level & indicate special offers means quicker ordering

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Built-in contact management (CRM)

Increases sales rep productivity

  • Trade show app syncs with calendar, emails and contacts, allowing reps to be well-organized

  • Reps can easily record and keep track of names and positions of people they talk with

  • Action items and tasks can be assigned and managed on the spot

  • Customisable dashboard gives full history snapshot of customer instantly

  • Captures meeting details and enables scheduling of required after show actions

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Enhances customer satisfaction

  • Dramatically reduces errors caused by using pen and paper

  • Increased security - no confidential paperwork required on trade stand

  • Print PDF orders and quotes instantly, offline

  • Eliminates orders taken for merchandise that is not in stock

  • Quicker delivery – often while your customers are still at the show!

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Enhances customer satisfaction with Pepperi's trade show app

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