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Boost sales with
Unified B2B Commerce

20% increase in sales volume
85% reduction in support calls
40% more customers served


Empower your business with essential B2B commerce tools and features

Starting at US $500/month

Pro tier includes:


Unlock advanced capabilities & scale your operations for increased growth

Starting at US $1,500/month

Corporate tier includes Pro and:


Experience an unparalleled array of comprehensive features

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Ultimate tier includes Corporate and:

B2B eCommerce
Field Sales Reps
Route Accounting - DSD

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Can I purchase individual modules from Pepperi's tiers, or do I need to buy the entire package?
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Can I switch between different tiers if my business needs change in the future?
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Is there an additional cost for the Pepperi iOS/Android App?
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Are there any additional transaction fees for B2B orders in Pepperi's pricing model?
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Does Pepperi charge additional payment gateway transaction fees?
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Do customers need to outsource future projects to Pepperi or a third-party in order to make changes to their system?
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Does the annual subscription include support?
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