DSD and Route Accounting

Drive van sales & delight customers

See It in Action

DSD and Route Accounting

Drive van sales & delight customers

See It in Action

Boost van sales with route planning, order taking, and retail execution integrated on a single app that even works offline

Improve productivity with the ability to quickly replenish stock, manage returns, print invoices, collect payments, and capture signatures

Manage fleet inventory from start-of-day loading, through real-time tracking, to end-of-day reconciliation at your warehouse

Monitor route compliance through GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and time-stamped activities

Tablet - POD for route accounting & DSD
dream moment

Dream Moment

“With our route accounting app we helped one of our beauty customers improve payment collection by checking debt status before order submission. If a debt exists, an order can’t be submitted. Per predefined business rules, when partial payments are collected, customers can purchase certain line items and submit a partial order.”

Effie Mansdorf, Project Manager, Pepperi

dream moment

DSD Software and Mobile Van Sales Application Built for Your Needs


built for CPG B2B sales

Catalog-centric Van Sales

Direct store delivery, van sales, retail execution and mobile CRM on a single app

Anytime, Anywhere

Native mobile apps (iOS and Android) that work offline and re-sync automatically

Unmatched Flexibility

Adapt DSD sales operations at the speed of business

Omnichannel by Nature

Consistent experiences across face-to-face & online touchpoints

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Key Features

Activity Planner

Plan your day on a map, applying business logic to prioritize deliveries and visits via the route accounting system

Inventory Management

Multiple warehouse management capabilities enable real-time visibility into your fleet inventory

Pre/post Trip Surveys

Configurable forms help capture driver health data and van conditions (e.g. mileage, refrigeration temperature)

Payment Collection

Accept cash and payments of any type with route sales software integration to payment gateways

Proof of Delivery

Collect delivery confirmations through signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates

Route Compliance

GPS tracking, geo-fencing and time-stamped activities assure adherence to planned routes

Mobile Order Taking

Manager returns, replenish stock and take orders through e-catalogs, purchase history or barcode scans

Merchandising Activities

Form-guided store auditing, replenishment and retail execution

Trade Promotions

Increase order size leveraging personalized offers to cross-sell and up-sell

Mobile CRM

360° view of customers including orders, invoices, payments, debt, credit, returns and more

Offline/Online Apps

Native mobile apps (iOS, Android) fully-featured when offline, auto-sync when connectivity is back

Back office Integrations

Keep data fresh, relevant and consistent, with seamless integration to ERP, WMS and more

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Empowering Drivers, Managers and IT Teams


Pepperi’s direct store delivery system is the one-stop solution for field sales automation, empowering drivers to deliver faster, sell more, and delight customers

  • Turn drivers into valuable consultants with complete account data, customer-specific cross-selling opportunities and the ability to offer insightful merchandising input
  • Complex tasks simplified through guided workflows
  • Shelf-side ordering with barcode scanning
  • Print invoices, surveys etc. on a mobile printer
  • Route performance dashboards
  • Integrations to Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps


Pepperi unifies route accounting software, mobile order taking, retail execution, and mobile CRM on a single sales automation platform, streamlining planning, execution, and analysis of B2B field activities

  • Lead your team to success and reduce overheads by centrally managing all data and tools your reps need
  • Visually plan, schedule, and track customer calls, create activities, reminders and tasks
  • Capture vehicle and driver data with configurable forms and monitor adherence to routes with geo-tagged and time-stamped activities
  • Stay on top of KPIs through dashboards providing a consolidated view across buyer touch points
  • Real-time alerts to reps on errors, problems and order status updates


Pepperi provides you with the flexibility, reliability and scale needed to directly impact your organization’s bottom line

  • Off-the-shelf mobile devices, intuitive user interface and offline support facilitates sales automation
  • Configure everything – permissions, approvals, notifications, workflows, look & feel and more
  • Customized dashboards and alerts help drivers and managers stay on target
  • Integrate once with your ERP, WMS, fleet management system etc. and use data across your entire B2B omnichannel operation
  • Extend functionality with the best 3rd party applications
  • Global-ready, enterprise-grade cloud platform offloads IT operations

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