Industrial Parts & Chemicals – Unified B2B Commerce Platform


Industrial e-commerce is growing at lightning speed, particularly in the MRO market. Tried and tested, Pepperi is the enterprise-grade business tool that brings cloud technology to industrial suppliers’ sales teams for unprecedented flexibility and customizability. Collaboration with channel partners, customers and sales teams has never been easier with Pepperi’s intelligent sales activity planning and follow-up, mobile data capture, and highly customizable forms for unique data capture. With Pepperi, you can anticipate your customers’ needs before your competition does.

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Solution Overview



You cater to large industrial manufacturers with complex business needs. Your mobile sales platform must be flexible and global-ready to scale with your business while understanding your clients' unique needs. Pepperi’s security-certified platform caters to changing business requirements with multi-sites/catalogs/price lists/languages/currencies all easily configurable, all integrated into your backend.

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Mobile CRM

Spend more time with your customers learning about their needs with Pepperi’s integrated mobile sales app. Gain instant access to previous sales orders, communications, site visits, performance issues and order specifications, for real teamwork among multiple/interchanging reps. Pepperi’s mobile CRM
will maximize your productivity, your sales insight and help you to better manage your supply chain.

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Don’t try and force fit your customers’ unique orders into standardized forms. Gain the freedom to quickly and painlessly create order forms that are right for your products and business processes. Your sales team can extend the service your customers expect, on-site with the customer or back in the office both online and offline, directly from their desktop, laptop or mobile device of choice.

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Bring your products to life with customizable e-catalogs with high-quality photos and illustrations, complete with downloadable marketing videos and helpful product data and specifications. Use a matrix view to display components by product categories, materials, size, defining your own business filters for display by price and inventory levels, delivery dates, and other such variables of interest.

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B2B e-Commerce

Give your customers 24/7 access to your catalogs and freedom to order at their convenience. Control which industry-specific catalogs and price lists are viewed by which customers with multiple views per brand/size/promotion/and country. Your industrial parts orders will be fulfilled accurately and you’ll gain the ability to monitor your e-commerce goals per customer and per catalog.

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