Frame Board Management Software – Killer App for Eyewear B2B Sales

December 17, 2021 By Stacey Woods

frame board management software

It’s no secret that a key component of a successfully-run B2B eyewear business is a well-managed frame board – it ensures that your sales reps operate efficiently in the field and boosts B2B sales at the point of sale. However, keeping track of, and optimizing the frame board in every customer retail store is tall order. That’s why eyewear brands and wholesalers are increasingly turning to mobile frame rep software, that run on tablet devices, to facilitate the entire frame board management process. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of frame board B2B management software, and the critical capabilities that make such systems so important.

Take Control of Your Frame Board

Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly what’s in stock at the store, how long every frame has been on the shelf, what frames are missing, how much to order, and having this information at the sales rep’s fingertips streamlines the frame board management process.

With frame board management software, reps can quickly take stock of the frame board merchandise on hand, and then reference automated recommendations for replenishment. Automated replenishment recommendations should have the smarts to account at least for the following business parameters:

  • Time-on-shelf
  • Top-selling items
  • Inventory levels (at the warehouse)
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Frames ordered by the store via self-service but have not yet arrived

Furthermore, with such software, sales reps can make more informed decisions by quickly accessing a customer’s sales order history, shipments, outstanding debts, invoices, promotions and special offers.

Introduce New Styles, Increase Board Space Allotment

Once the frame board is in order, the sales rep can turn to present new items and promotions in a digital catalog to the customer. The rep can use the mobile sales app to quickly locate frames by filtering for new arrivals, promotions, seasons, brands, and any other relevant business filter that has been set up in the app for the rep. Reps can quickly and professionally showcase and discuss new frames with the buyer, all with high resolution images and supporting information.

From Sales Intelligence to Operational Impact

The quicker you turn over inventory, the more money you make. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, what’s not always so simple for eyewear brands and wholesalers is actually knowing which specific brands and styles have the highest Inventory Turn Ratio – calculated as net sales/ average inventory value – an efficiency metric that measures how many times average inventory is “turned” or sold during a period.

Accurately assessing which frames are best and worst performers – and providing this information to your reps – helps ensure your “best” frames (turn ratio of at least 3) are always on-the-board, while decreasing investment in or replacing lines that aren’t moving (turn ratio < 2).

Frame sales software should provide management with actionable sales insights, including sales performance and trends by retailer, sales rep, product line, and frame. Using dashboards and  reports, sales leaders gain full control over their frame sales performance, and then take timely action, through the sales system, in the form of:

  • Pricing changes
  • Introduction of cross-sell / upsell promotions
  • Discount policy changes
  • Reorganization of the digital product catalog
  • Communication to the field sales team
  • Changes in sales rep assignment to territories and stores
  • Sales rep target modifications
  • Production planning changes (for brands)

Frame board management software enables your frame reps to be productive, professional, and sell smartly. It provides management with sales performance insights and the ability to take immediate action.

Empowered to capitalize on opportunities and address what’s broken, quickly, your business is positioned for sustained growth.

Learn how leading eyewear manufacturer OGI Eyewear implemented Pepperi’s Mobile Frame Board Management to increase the productivity and effectiveness of its field sales force.

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