Total control of your sales order cycle

An order management software that gives you total control

Single view

Gain a single view of all sales orders from all B2B sales channels, which you can search, filter and sort for analysis.

Order tracking systems

Sales orders are easily viewed, edited and monitored – from order taking through customer invoicing and fulfilment.

Order approval

Your back-office order processing team is able to approve sales orders according to approval workflows that you define.

ERP integration

Once approved, sales orders can be automatically integrated into your back-end ERP system to ensure timely order fulfillment.

Quote to order

Pepperi Order Management software enables quick approval of sales quotes and their conversion to sales orders.

Custom workflows

With Pepperi Order Management software, approval workflows are fully configurable to your way of processing orders.

Sales order management software that is easy to adapt

Adapt to your business with b2b order management software

Price lists

Set up, assign, and easily maintain price lists, including multiple currencies, for your customers. Import your price lists via ERP integration or configure natively within Pepperi.

Discount policies

Define and easily change discount thresholds, products that may not be discounted, and approval workflows.

Campaigns and special offers

Define special offers to promote specific products through upsell and cross-sell campaigns, with appropriate visual indications and business filters to highlight the products in the catalog.

In-store transactions

Configure, capture and manage all in-store transactions performed by your field reps: quotes, sales orders, returns, stock checks, and any other custom transaction that you manage.

Flawless fulfilment

Support for multiple distribution centers to centralize an order across all warehouses; multiple shipping addresses; and splitting orders by date/source/destination.

Custom workflows

In-store transactions such as merchandise returns can be routed directly to your ERP system, bypassing any manual intervention.

Order-to-cash insights to run your business better

Order management and Order-to-cash insights

Slice & dice your order-to-cash

Pepperi Order Management software provides valuable insights into order fulfillment issues, top and least performing products, customer buying trends, and more.

Omni-channel analytics

Assess channel effectiveness to optimize and promote the desired sales channels mix for your B2B customers.

Sell-through visibility

Gain product sell-through visibility at your retail stores to make informed production decisions and devise campaigns to promote “dead” inventory.

Out-of-the-box and custom

Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, or customize your own, to continually assess your order-to-cash operations.


Pepperi Order Management system enables integration with your order-to-cash data to gain a complete picture of sales in a single dashboard.

Publish to your mobile reps

Reports and dashboards can be published for viewing by your field reps in the Pepperi Mobile Order Taking app.