Head of Sales: Software for a Successful Sales Team

Give your team the tools to reach their goals

“Pepperi has improved our sales efficiency by 25% and given us incredible accountability. It makes us look good and operate more efficiently at the time of sale.”

Matthew Smith, Marketing Director, Yes Distribution

  • No more paperwork: fast, immediate and error-free order taking

  • Help your team to take orders faster by eliminating paperwork and using an up-to-date stunning e-catalog

  • Provide your team with all required customer information at their fingertips: past orders, outstanding bills, bestselling products, and more

Your team should shine

“Pepperi is a real game changer for our business...our sales team reflects the image we want, and closes more orders in the field."

Wilco Prins, CEO of Rip Curl Europe

  • sales rep

    Enable your team to show your products in an always up-to-date impressive e-catalogue

  • sales rep app

    Give your team immediate access to the latest product information: inventory, specs, multiple views and videos

  • Help your team to focus on selling by talking with their customers about their business and by searching for new business opportunities

  • Task your team with in-store activities such as display and price auditing, competition tracking and inventory checking

Effortlessly control your sales operations

"With Pepperi, our sales reps are more productive than ever and can upsell and cross-sell effectively…we've gained sell-through visibility which is of strategic value to our business."

Max W. Robertson, Director of U.S. Operations, Luminox

  • Understand your sales: gain valuable insights into order fulfillment, product performance, sell-through, inventory and more

  • Gain full visibility into your team members’ sales performance, orders and activities

  • Manage your team’s work: visually plan, schedule, and track customer visits, create activities, reminders and tasks

Make B2B e-commerce your success

“We have one database of products but multiple channels. Pepperi helped us coordinate all the different channels, so we can work with smaller inventories and deliver what we have in stock.”

Ronnie Bernheim, Co-Owner and Chairman, Mondaine

  • Offer your customers 24*7 access to your online storefront

  • Let your sales team focus on key accounts, new customers and large orders

  • Gain a consolidated view across sales channels to assess channel effectiveness and optimize sales channels mix