Say hello to Pepperi’s Message Center!

January 15, 2024 By Yana Persky

pepperi introducing messages

We’re excited to announce the Pepperi Message Center, a new feature that will streamline communication with your sales team and account managers, ensuring everyone stays informed, engaged and on top of their game.

For setup details see: Message Center Guide


Centralized Communication

Admin Notifications provides a centralized hub for Admins to send important messages, updates, and announcements directly to the sales team and account managers.

Instant Alerts

Keep your team in the loop with instant notifications. Whether it’s a critical update, a new lead, or an urgent order status update, Admins can send notifications that pop up on the recipients’ devices, ensuring they never miss a beat.

​​​​We believe that Messages and Push Notifications will improve the way you communicate with your sales and account management teams, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and ultimately, boosting overall performance.



This new feature is provided free to all our Corporate and Ultimate customers. Please contact your success manager with any questions.

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