How To Become a Sales Rep in Wholesale

November 17, 2014 By Stacey Woods

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The job of a wholesale sales rep is to sell merchandise to businesses and other organizations. The responsibilities include teaching the customers about the existing products, negotiating prices, and preparing sales contracts. If these duties and responsibilities are of interest to you; you hold a high school diploma (some may require additional education); and you want to take control over your own schedule maybe you would be interested in learning how to become a wholesale sales rep.



Since a 4-year college degree is really recommended for a job in the wholesale sales field, even though a lot of time a High School diploma will sometimes suffice, we advise if you really want to succeed in the field spring for the Bachelor’s degree it will help you while on the job as well. While you’re in school you can supplement your college degree by attending seminars and actively learning about wholesale sales. A lot of universities and colleges offer programs for aspiring sales reps administrated through professional organizations that can help you get your foot in the door.



Once you’ve completed all of the necessary schooling for the job reach out to well known companies to see if they have any available sales trainee positions. There’s a plethora of opportunities you can find by searching online, or attending business career fairs. At this point in the game, it’s not so significant whether the company’s business is wholesale or not since you’re just building your professional repertoire.


It will take you about 1-2 years of working as a trainee to build of the skill set to join the sales work force.  Take advantage of this time and work hard to improve these skills, learn by example from all of the sales reps you’re surrounded with. If you work really hard and show a lot of potential you may even network your way into landing your first job with a wholesaler


Be patient. It’s important to understand that experienced personnel must accompany anyone who wants to become a sales rep on sales calls. Eventually, once your broaden your knowledge of the company’s clients and you begin to make a name for yourself your responsibility will gradually increase. Don’t worry, the day will come when you will be given your own sales ground.


If you feel like you’ve been stuck doing the same sales rep duties, and you’re not moving up in the company you’re working for consider obtaining one of the advanced professional designations available to sales representatives. Since we’re trying to become wholesale sales reps here the certification with the most weight is the Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative, Cp.m.R. If you’re really serious about your career in Wholesale these certifications will make your commitment to the sales force very apparent.  It will also open the doors for you to a whole new world of wholesale sales rep job opportunities.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives who sold technical and scientific products or services had an average yearly income of $85,750 in 2011. Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives who sold other products and services earned $63,520. Wholesale and sales teams are moving forward with force and it’s an exciting environment a lot of people want to join.


Do you feel like you’re ready to start your career as a sales rep in wholesale? Do you have any other tips to succeed and reach the top of this field?

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