Giesswein’s 45% Sales Growth: A B2B eCommerce Success Story

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giesswein success story

Giesswein, a European footwear and apparel manufacturer, sells its Merino wool-based products all over the world through over 3,000 stores. They were keen to grow and further their global reach but were finding it difficult to achieve in a highly dynamic retail environment. Luckily Pepperi suggested solving their issues with B2B eCommerce solutions.


The Power of B2B eCommerce for Giesswein

Markus Giesswein, CEO, explains their position at the time and the challenges they faced:

“We were using too many systems and tools for managing our retail sales – a web portal for online B2B sales, sales app for field agents, a CRM etc. Each of these systems had its own admin console, reporting and user interface. All systems required a complex integration with our back office”

They discovered that a sub-par buyer experience and inconsistent processes made it hard for them to adapt to market conditions and ultimately limited their ability to scale.


Pepperi’s Role in Driving Sales Growth to 45%

Giesswein replaced its legacy solutions with Pepperi’s omnichannel B2B sales platform, combining field sales and B2B eCommerce. With Pepperi’s highly flexible platform, they were able to transform their entire B2B & wholesale commerce operations and manage all activities in one place.

  • Native mobile apps were set-up to their specific needs, enabling effective in-person sales by field reps
  • Giesswein was finally able to showcase products through stunning e-Catalogs and provide marketing collateral in-line with their brand’s image
  • A new B2B eCommerce site catered for the growing number of global buyers
  • Another new web storefront supported their inside sales team
  • Managers had the ability to track sales performance KPIs via dashboards and reports
  • They had a new understanding of what was happening across online and in-person channels: buying trends, promotions performance, sell-through data and more
  • Giesswein integrated Pepperi with their ERP system, further connecting data, processes and customer experiences; a single integration point is now maintained for all solutions, simplifying the work of the IT team


Measurable Results and Impacts

Giesswein went live within three months of partnering with Pepperi and was able to achieve incredible results – an amazing 45% growth in sales.

New reps and veterans alike loved the intuitive iPad app, helping Giesswein minimize onboarding times and accelerate sales.  Sales reps were able to offload tedious tasks via automation and self-service sales on the B2B eCommerce portal, freeing up time for them to focus on developing customer relationships.

Markus Giesswein was delighted with the flexibility and ease of use of the solution saying:

“With Pepperi’s all-in-one platform, we regularly make changes, quickly and easily ourselves – to catalogs, promos, discounts etc. – and those affect all our channels at once. It’s that simple”

“Pepperi enables us to take a holistic approach to B2B sales, simplifying planning, execution and analysis. It is a joy to use and makes a striking impact. Very much like our own products.”

Through a central management console, B2B eCommerce solutions means that Giesswein now manage their B2B sales channels all at once, saving them time, minimizing frustrations and improving customer experience.

For Giesswein, B2B eCommerce solutions are a hit!

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