How to Increase Sales with an iPad or Tablet

August 18, 2021 By Stacey Woods

iPads and tablets are a match made in heaven for sales reps, both on and off the field. As a sales rep, your most powerful way to increase sales is by retaining current client relationships while also continuing to share and advertise your product to attract new leads. You’ve got to be a master multi-tasker to be an effective sales rep in today’s fast-paced world so you don’t lose possible clients to your competition. Luckily, iPads and tablets can help you do day-to-day tasks on-the-go so you never miss a beat. How can you increase sales with your iPad or tablet? We’ve gathered the best tips so you can start seeing results today.

Use presentation tools to showcase your product

Rather than sending product information to clients and hoping they will understand your product the way you want it to be seen, video presentations can show your product and tell its story at the same time. Presentation tools such as Powtoon allow you to combine the best slideshow features of Powerpoint while also integrating eye-catching images to retain customer’s attention and improve engagement. Now, you don’t even need to be with the client to show them awesome presentations – create, edit, and share presentations straight from your iPad or tablet instantly.

Demonstrate dependability by staying on top of your communication

In sales, dependability and regular connection with clients is key to keeping your reputation strong with current clients and staying persistent with possible leads. iPads and tablets offer great tools for keeping in touch with colleagues and clients, such as integrated email tools and extra apps that can help you schedule meetings, scan and store business cards and contacts, or meet face-to-face online when you can’t meet in person. Additionally, iPads and tablets can help you stay on top with who you need to follow-up with and when to give you an extra edge when your to-do list gets too long and your schedule is hard to manage.

Boost your confidence by looking like the superior sales reps you are

Any glitches during the sales process can destroy confidence and result in the loss of the sale, but iPads and tablets equip teams and individuals with the tools they need to look good in front of customers and during large conferences. iPad and tablets help you do your job better with less effort, which can boost your morale and confidence as a sales rep.

Improve engagement both on and offline

Regularly sharing information about your company and products online increases sales by exposing new possible customers to what you can offer them. The ability to bring iPads and tablets where ever you go makes it easy to manage your social media channels with just the click of a share button.

Additionally, apps that help you manage your email communications, solicit positive client reviews, and more can increase your customer engagement. Offline, engagement is improved because you don’t have the physical barrier of a laptop in front of you, so you can connect directly with the customer, rather than referencing a computer back and forth that blocks eye contact and risks you missing out on important body gesture hints.

Tablets and iPads increase sales because they allow you to use tools that help you sell better and they can be taken with you on the field to provide you with software that previously was only available in the office. Whether using pre-installed apps like mail and calendars to stay on top of your communication and scheduling or installing apps designed especially to help you sell more effectively, tablets and iPads are powerful sale-boosting devices.

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Stacey Woods
Stacey Woods is the Senior Business Development Manager at Pepperi. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and understands the many benefits that can be gained by automating and syncing the different sales channels in a company.
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