SodaStream Selects Pepperi as the B2B Sales and Retail Execution Platform for its Global Field Operations



SodaStream implements Pepperi to boost productivity of its field sales staff, gain timely sales insights for smart decision making, and standardize field sales operations

New York, New York (September 20, 2016) – Pepperi, the mobile B2B commerce platform for brands and wholesalers, today announced that SodaStream International Ltd. (Nasdaq: SODA), the leading global manufacturer and distributor of Sparkling Water Makers, has chosen Pepperi to optimize its diversified sales and merchandising operations worldwide.

“We were looking for a single, global-ready B2B sales and retail execution platform that would replace our disparate regional CRM systems in each of the international markets we operate” said Nir Rehav, Head of Global IT for SodaStream. “We needed a platform that integrates CRM, order taking, retail merchandising, and direct store delivery functionality into an easy-to-use mobile solution with multi-language and multi-currency support; and we needed it to be easily configurable to continually meet the ever-changing requirements of our regional markets.”

After a rigorous vendor evaluation process that included over a dozen cloud CRM and retail execution solutions, SodaStream selected Pepperi for its unmatched functional support of B2B sales via sales reps, merchandisers, route accounting software and staff. Pepperi also emerged as top-of-class for its code-free configurability, offline operation, ERP integration, and native deployment to any mobile device – iOS, Android, and Windows.

“My team was able to set up Pepperi for our US pilot within a couple of weeks” said George Bowley, US IT Director for SodaStream. “Pepperi’s magic lies in its flexibility, which allows us to modify workflows, business rules, and forms quickly and easily – without writing a single line of code.”

Kristen Anderson, Director of Retail Operations for SodaStream, added: “As part of SodaStream’s Retail Operations 2016 key initiatives, we set forth to streamline our communication methods and develop a corporate-driven in-store strategy. Pepperi allows us to meet these goals, providing our investors with insights into measurable key performance indicators and return on investment.”

“We are thrilled to add another world-leading brand to our roster of enterprise clients” said Ofer Yourvexel, Pepperi’s CEO. “Pepperi was built on the premise that traditional CRM sales systems – on-cloud and on-premise – just don’t fit the bill when it comes to transactional consumer goods field sales and merchandizing; Sodastream’s selection of Pepperi, alongside our growing list of global consumer goods clients, is the best testament to our premise.”

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