CIO Applications honors Pepperi among the top 10 NetSuite solution providers 2018


NEW YORK, October 23 2018 – Pepperi, the leading consumer goods B2B omnichannel platform for brands and wholesalers, has been selected by CIO Applications as one of the top 10 NetSuite solution providers of 2018.

With years of experience in solutions for mobile field staff, Pepperi is the only vendor in the world today to offer an out-of-the-box, ready-to-deploy omnichannel platform. The platform combines B2B retail execution and eCommerce, to provide brands with a complete solution for selling to retailers and distributors.

‘We are honored to have been selected by CIO Applications to be included in their list of the top 10 NetSuite solution providers’ commented Ofer Yourvexel, Pepperi CEO and co-founder. ‘This award proves our ongoing commitment to mobilizing and extending Netsuite to the mobile sales force.’

About Pepperi

Pepperi’s platform is used by the world’s leading consumer goods brands and wholesalers to manage all aspects of their B2B omnichannel sales. To empower them to quickly and easily respond to changing market conditions, our platform uniquely combines sales automation, retail execution, and B2B e-commerce into an integrated mobile solution that runs natively on all devices to maximize in-store and online B2B sales.

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