Robin Ruth

Noa Shabi, CFO , Robin Ruth, USA.

"Our sales have increased more than 30%, not to mention the reduction in admin costs."

Robin Ruth puts Pepperi in the bag and sees sales soar by 30%


Robin Ruth is one of the world’s largest suppliers of apparel and accessories for tourists. The company sells umbrellas, t-shirts, ties, hats, socks, sweatshirts, key chains and other items, and is particularly well-known for its iconic shopping bags plastered with the names of tourist destinations. Hundreds of merchants carry Robin Ruth’s products at more than 10,000 point-of-sale locations in some 50 countries.


  • Since it was constantly updating its diverse collection with new articles, designs and colors, it had become impossible for Robin Ruth to keep their catalogs up-to-date.
  • The sales ordering process was time consuming, inefficient and error-prone: Reps were faxing order sheets to administrative staff who then entered the orders and updated inventory daily.
  • Manual data entry into the company’s QuickBooks accounting software was error-prone


  • Catalogs are always up-to-date: Pepperi for Fashion’s e-catalogs are easily updated as Robin Ruth introduces new products.
  • Sales efficiency: Reps now focus on taking orders, educating customers about new collections and managing sales activities smartly
  • Fully automated integration with QuickBooks: Reps can check inventory, credit status and shipping timeframes, and place orders – all while with the customer.
  • Easy cross-selling: Smart product filtering enables reps to display and sell related products and accessories and increase average order size.


  • Overall increase in sales of 30 percent.
  • Order-to-ship process takes two days less than before.
  • Higher productivity: Sales reps have all the data they need to close sales quickly, allowing them to see as many as three extra clients a day.
  • Dramatic reduction in administrative costs.