Srixon & Pepperi: driving sales & customer satisfaction

Golf equipment brand Srixon was finding that inefficient field sales processes and limited access to information were holding it back. With Pepperi’s sales force automation software it was able to extend SAP B1 ERP data to the field, boost sales rep efficiency and grow its business.


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Pepperi has completely changed our sales workflow. Now, we can do so much more and better cater for our business customer’s needs

Nicki Jamieson, Branch Manager, Srixon Sports Europe

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Pepperi has completely changed our sales workflow. Now, we can do so much more and better cater for our business customer’s needs

Nicki Jamieson, Branch Manager, Srixon Sports Europe

Meet Srixon

If you’re a golfer, you have surely heard of Srixon. World-renowned for its golf balls and holding the largest number of golf ball patents in the world, Srixon develops golfing equipment including balls, clubs, gloves, bags, headwear and other accessories.

Srixon is owned by SRI Sports Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. that specializes in golf and tennis. It sells its products to golf shops, specialized stores and retail chains worldwide.


The challenge: empowering field sales

“We have been looking for the right solution for our field sales reps for quite some time” says Nicki Jamieson, Branch Manager of Srixon Sports Europe. “We knew exactly what we needed. We wanted our field reps to have an e-catalog with all our products nicely displayed. We wanted to empower the reps to make business decisions in the field, by making sure they have access to all our SAP ERP information. Most importantly, as our reps travel extensively, we were looking for a solution that is fully functional offline.”


Choosing the right “driver” is essential

For a few years, Srixon’s sales team used a system that ticked some of those boxes, but not all of them. “The solution we used did not provide us with strong e-catalog capabilities,” added Ms. Jamieson “furthermore, a lot of the information from our SAP Business One ERP was not available to the reps in the field. It was not built for selling consumer goods so did not meet our exact needs.”

Srixon have been using SAP Business One for several years. “We have invested a lot in customizing the system to our needs. We’ve added custom fields and matrices that capture our product, inventory and sales information,” explains Dr. Anthony Ofoegbu, Business Systems Manager, Srixon Sports Europe.

“The solution our reps were using did not allow us to sync custom field data... that was a major problem for us as we wanted the information to be accessible through our sales rep app and have it updated by our field team. Additionally, we required mobile CRM functionality as well as a great looking e-catalog with multiple product images, to facilitate product sales”.

In addition, as worldwide distributors, Srixon needed to support multiple currencies and languages.


State-of-art sales

Pepperi allows Srixon to do much more with less effort, while growing business results:

  • Sales reps can now present customers with hi-res pictures per product, in a variety of views, from different angles and in various colors and settings.
  • Products can be grouped into categories and sub-categories, and segmented further using business filters such as inventory levels, price range and valid-through dates.
  • Reps can easily find which products are in stock; the e-Catalog allows them to quickly and easily sort products according to various filters and criteria.
  • Customer data can be accessed via the Pepperi mobile order taking app while engaging with customers and prospects in the field, online and offline.
  • Support for multiple languages and multiple currencies enables global expansion.


Extending SAP to the field

Secure, two-way integration with Srixon’s SAP ERP provides easy access to business data in the field, online and offline, be that sales history, product data, images and more. It allows rep activities to be immediately synced with Srixon’s back office, even for SAP user-defined fields.


A winning solution

Srixon are delighted with the new platform which allows them to further drive their expansion while being much more efficient and successful. “Pepperi has completely changed our sales workflow. Now, we can do so much more and cater better for our business customers’ needs” said Ms. Jamieson.

“Pepperi is so flexible… we can easily configure data as needed, which was one of the main issues we wanted to solve” added Dr. Ofoegbu.

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