Pepperi Integration with Sage

Some of our customers using Sage integrated to Pepperi:

"Our customers love Pepperi. It has brought our sales to a whole new level. Bi-directional integration between Agence Viva’s Sage 50 and Pepperi, ensures item, inventory and sales data is always in sync"

Claude Beaubien, Manager, Agence Viva, Canada

Pepperi for Sage Mobile Sales is a cross-mobile solution encompassing digital catalog, order-taking (including barcode scanning) and mobile merchandising.







Pepperi for Sage Mobile Sales provides seamless integration between Sage and Pepperi. Real-time data about products, inventory and customers is fed into Pepperi, while sales orders, quotes, returns and customer activities recorded by your mobile sales force and B2B customers are automatically updated in your Sage system.sage data flow

Designed for the unique needs of field sales reps and sales managers, Pepperi for Sage Mobile Sales, enables your sales team to instantly access all the tools they need to close more deals quickly — from product presentation, pricing, customer information and stock-on-hand, to promotions, placing orders, and analytics. It is easy to deploy and fun to use.


Sales reps in the field use Pepperi’s catalog order-taking app to take more and bigger orders on their mobile device. They have access to product information, pricing and inventory, client terms and payment history and much more – whether online or offline – while with the customer.


Sales managers have a complete view of their teams’ sales performance, enabling them to plan and monitor sales activities; set and track targets for sales reps, customers and products; and use dashboards and reports to view best-sellers, buying trends, slow-moving items and much more.


Your B2B customers can quickly and easily find the products they want to order via a fully branded B2B e-commerce web shop and app, using familiar B2C-like shopping cart functionality, so they can do business with you around the clock.

Solution snapshot


  • Eliminate order processing errors, minimize back orders and reduce back office admin costs

  • Mobile sales reps take bigger sales orders, faster

  • Your B2B customers order 24/7 from online B2B storefront, making it easier to do business with you

Key capabilities

  • Mobile sales suite, including digital catalog, sales order taking, cross-selling, merchandising, promotions, account management, and B2B e-commerce

  • Automatic bi-directional flow of data between Pepperi and Sage

  • Customizable to adapt to your specific Sage workflows and business rules

  • Runs as a native app on iOS and Android mobile devices

Pepperi for Sage – Solution Modules

wholesale ordering app



Entice your customers with eye-catching digital catalogs that showcase your products to the max and highlight their benefits.


Easily customize how products are organized and presented in your e-catalog, to match your specific business needs, and make order taking lightning fast.

Sage integration

Items and stock levels are constantly updated from your Sage system, allowing reps and customers to sell and buy efficiently.

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mobile sales tool


Quick and powerful

Easy-to-use order-taking functionality, with cross-sell and up-sell, full offline operation, and configurable business rules.

Runs on any device

Choose your own device: Pepperi for Sage runs natively on iOS and Android, giving you complete flexibility of mobile device, and preventing vendor lock-in.

Sage integration

Sales orders taken with Pepperi are automatically fed into your Sage system for subsequent financial and inventory processing, speeding up the order-to-cash cycle.

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mobile sales order app


B2B Storefront

Pepperi B2B e-commerce extension for Sage makes it easy to publish your catalogs on a mobile app or web portal, fully customized to your brand, keeping your business open 24/7.

B2B Self-Service Shopping Experience

B2B customers get an intuitive, familiar B2C-like shopping experience as they browse through your e-catalog, place orders in their shopping cart, check delivery status and more.

Sage integration

Out-of-the-box integration with your Sage system means that data regarding customers, pricing, inventory, and sales orders is always up-to-date and in sync with your Sage system.

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b2b ecommerce


Customer interactions

Capture, document and track all customer interactions, whether over the phone, at the store or during a tradeshow with the CRM functionality

Complete view of the customer

Full visibility of customer information, including top selling products, previous sales orders, returns, debts and service issues, enables reps to provide relevant sales recommendations.

Sales planning

Set tasks and reminders, share with other reps working on the same account, and track to completion. Organize visits to customers with visual-map scheduling.

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mobile crm


Retail execution monitoring

Reps can use geo-tagged, time-stamped reports, available in the mobile merchandising interface to quickly take surveys, perform stock checks and conduct audits on how products are displayed in stores, pricing and compliance to regulations.

Scheduling activities

Select customers to visit using different filters, then drag them from the map to a calendar. Plan activities to be performed on-site.


Built-in and custom reports identify issues that need to be addressed and acted upon such as dead inventory, new product introductions, competitors’ activities, planogram compliance and customer satisfaction.

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