Pepperi Integration with Quickbooks

Some of our customers using QuickBooks integrated to Pepperi:

"Integrating QuickBooks to Pepperi brought our sales process to a new level. We now have automated ordering, upselling and cross-selling, access to Accounts Receivable data, and much more."

Hezki Eshed, Owner, Gimix Inc.

Pepperi for QuickBooks eCommerce is an all-in-one mobile sales solution combining e-Catalog, order-taking account management, and B2B eCommerce. It is quick to deploy and really easy and fun to use.


Certified by Intuit and listed in the QuickBooks App Store

Quickbooks ecommerce

QuickBooks ecommerce Pepperi Integration

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Real-time data from QuickBooks for items, inventory and customers is fed into Pepperi, while QuickBooks is automatically updated with sales orders from your sales reps and customers. The net result: reps sell more and faster, and your customers are free to order from you anytime.

  • Real-time interaction – when creating a transaction in Pepperi, your reps will get a real-time response from QuickBooks, ensuring that data is validated prior to sales order submission and eliminating order taking errors. For example, transaction approved & invoice generated in QuickBooks.
  • Continual and seamless syncing – all necessary data pertaining to items, customers, reports, and transactions is synced between Pepperi and QuickBooks.
  • Plugin configuration and monitoring – centralized, simple, and quick set up from the Pepperi Web Admin. No software installation is required.
  • Single sign-on – Pepperi Web Admin is launched from QuickBooks with your QuickBooks credentials.
  • Quick and easy free trial – connect Pepperi to your QuickBooks with a setup wizard.

Solution snapshot


  • Increased sales rep productivity

  • Reduced back-office order processing costs

  • Streamlined order-to-cash

  • Consistent buying experience for your customers across sales channels

  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction

Key capabilities

  • All-in-one cloud-based mobile sales solution, including e-Catalog, sales ordering and processing, customer management, and B2B e-commerce

  • Built-in, certified plug to QuickBooks, with automatic, two-way flow of data between QuickBooks and Pepperi

  • Fully functional in offline mode

  • Runs natively on iOS and Android mobile devices

Pepperi for QuickBooks – Solution Modules

wholesale ordering app


Eye Candy

Show off your products to their best and highlight their benefits using alluring e-catalogs that empower reps to sell more.


Change the way your products are organized and displayed in your customizable e-catalog to suit your business needs.

Integration with QuickBooks

With Pepperi's QuickBooks integration, items and stock levels are always up to date, meaning your reps and customers can sell and buy more efficiently and with confidence.

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mobile sales tool

Mobile Order Taking

Optimized for speed

Pepperi is loaded with simple but powerful sales accelerators that enable reps to sell faster and bigger.

Offline mode

Full offline functionality makes Pepperi ideal for taking orders at trade shows, showrooms, and retail stores, where internet connectivity might be scarce.

Integration with QuickBooks

Pepperi's QuickBooks eCommerce integration means that sales orders are automatically exported to your QuickBooks system, decreasing the order-to-cash cycle.

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mobile sales order app

Mobile merchandising

Activity planning

Plan customer visits using visual map scheduling, define the activities to be performed on site and the travel routes to get there.

Activity execution

Audit how your products are displayed in stores, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, assess new product introductions, and quickly perform stock taking. All activities are time-stamped and geo-tagged.


Use built-in and custom reports to monitor field rep execution and identify issues related to dead inventory at stores, competition, planogram compliance, and new products.

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b2b ecommerce

B2B e-commerce

Open 24x7

Pepperi for QuickBooks eCommerce makes it a snap to publish your catalogs into a branded app and web portal, enabling your customers to place orders and check on shipping status anytime, anywhere.


Your B2B customers get an optimized, easy, and familiar shopping experience, including intuitive shopping cart features.

Integration with QuickBooks

Extend your QuickBooks features - data regarding customers, inventory, pricing and sales orders is kept constantly up to date.

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mobile crm

Mobile CRM

Full customer view

Reps have immediate access to all customer information at hand, including past orders, returns, best-selling items, and outstanding debts, to provide relevant sales recommendations to their customers.

Customer interactions

Quickly capture and track all customer interactions, regardless of location and type. Set tasks and reminders and collaborate with peers selling to the same clients.

Native, mobile app

Runs natively on and optimized for all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Pepperi gives you freedom of choice, and an unmatched user experience.

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