Pepperi Integration with MYOB

Some of our customers selling with MYOB integrated to Pepperi:

“By implementing Pepperi for sales teams and integrating it to MYOB, our reps can maximize sales in the highly competitive Christmas market.”

Joel and Jason Farberman, Co-owners , Swish Collection, Australia

With Pepperi for MYOB Mobile Sales, your sales team can access all the information they need to close more business fast — from product catalog and quick sales ordering to invoice history, sales targets, promotions and analytics. Pepperi for MYOB is ideal for use on the road at retail stores, in showrooms and at trade shows, and across all industries.

With seamless 2-way integration with MYOB, Pepperi ensures that orders, customers, inventory and products are always in sync: item and customer details, pricing, inventory levels and invoices are extracted from MYOB to Pepperi, while sales orders, quotes, returns and customer activities captured by Pepperi are integrated in real-time to MYOB for financial processing.


Sales reps use Pepperi’s e-catalog and smart order-taking apps on their tablets to instantly access product images, availability, and pricing, client terms and payment history, allowing them to win bigger sales orders while with the customer. Pepperi apps are also fully functional in offline mode, so reps never miss a sale when connectivity is poor or unavailable.


Sales managers gain a full view of sales performance by planning and tracking sales activities and customer visits; setting and monitoring sales targets for customers, sales reps and products; and using out-of-the box dashboards and reports to identify buying trends, top-performers, best-sellers, underachievers and more.


Your B2B customers can order directly from your catalogs via a fully branded e-commerce storefront – in an app or web portal – using intuitive B2C-like shopping cart functionality. It makes it a whole lot easier for them to do business with you.

Solution snapshot


  • Increased average sales order size

  • Reduced order processing errors and administrative costs

  • Streamlined order-to-cash cycle

  • Self-service channels make it easier for your B2B customers to do more business with you

Key capabilities

  • Integrated suite of mobile sales accelerators with e-catalog, sales ordering, cross-selling, customer management, and B2B e-commerce

  • Automatic two-way flow of data between Pepperi and MYOB

  • Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10

  • Fully flexible to adapt to your MYOB workflows and evolving needs

Pepperi for MYOB – Solution Modules

wholesale ordering app



Eye-catching catalogs practically sell for you, driving reps to take more and bigger sales orders.


Easily modify how to navigate, organize and display products in your e-catalogs to fit the requirements of your business.

MYOB integration

Data on items, inventory and customers is exported from MYOB to Pepperi, giving reps and customers all the information they need to sell and buy more, more efficiently.

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mobile sales tool

Mobile Order-Taking

Quick ordering

Eliminates data entry errors, minimizes orders that need to be back-ordered and reduces the time needed to fulfill orders.

Offline functionality

Reps continue selling even with poor or no connectivity; data auto-syncs once internet connection is restored.

MYOB integration

Orders captured in Pepperi are integrated into your MYOB system for financial processing, speeding up the order-to-cash cycle.

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b2b ecommerce

B2B e-commerce

Self-Service Storefront

Publish your catalogs on your website or mobile app via a fully-branded B2B e-commerce extension to your MYOB system.

B2C-like online shopping

Your B2B customers can browse through your products, place orders, check delivery status and more, 24x7.

MYOB integration

Data concerning customers, inventory, pricing and sales orders is always in sync with your MYOB system for fast, error-free order-taking.

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mobile crm

Mobile CRM

Manage Tasks

Define tasks to perform and reminders, share with other reps working on the same account, and track to completion.

Capture all interactions

Easily capture and monitor all customer sales interactions to gain a full understanding of your customer while on the road.

Analyze sales performance

Identify top performing products, customers, and reps, buying patterns, order fulfillment issues, and more, to enable timely intervention of deficiencies and opportunities.

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mobile sales order app

Mobile merchandising

Retail activity planning

Select customers to visit using business filters, then drag them from the map to a calendar and plan the activities to perform.

Retail execution

Perform stock taking, planogram compliance audits, customer satisfaction surveys, and in-store picture taking – all from your mobile device, at a fraction of the time.

Activity monitoring

Track the execution of in-store activities using geo-tagged activity reports; identify and act upon issues related to shelf displays, new product introduction, competition, customer satisfaction, and campaigns.

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