1 – Sales Rep Activity Planning

Pepperi's Activity Planning feature is a valuable tool for both sales reps and managers, to help reps plan and execute their days more efficiently, and for managers to track rep performance and make sure that all customers are being covered.

The Sales Rep App homepage can be changed by configuration in the back-office by your own IT person.

Here – and this is just an example – the buttons are actually direct links to various activities needed to be performed by the Rep.

If we enter into “My Account” we’ll reach the first action the Rep needs to perform, which is to view a list of their accounts or customers – allocated by the rep’s manager.

In this area of managing those accounts and the calendar, the Rep can filter based upon any chosen parameter which you have data for – including for example – accounts which the rep hasn’t visited for the past X number of days, or accounts that are in debt, for example.

You can view accounts on a map according to your choice – visual / color differentiation.

In addition, it’s possible to schedule daily meetings and see the route – and also to navigate to the next meeting (using your preferred navigation app).

For each account, we have an ‘account detail’ page which includes any details that are of value to the Rep such as: physical address, contact person, contracts, photos of the store and planograms.

The Rep can initiate new meetings and also add new potential customers by clicking the Plus button on the upper righthand corner.

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