B2B e-Catalog Software: Native Mobile (iOS/Android) & Web App

Stunning, interactive presentation

e-catalog software for B2B e-commerce and field sales

High resolution

High-res images enable drilling down to the texture of a product, bringing your products to life.

Multiple views

Multiple view options, including thumbnails, filmstrip, and single product view with book-like flip, provide a memorable product experience.


Product spec brochures can be attached to every item in your e-catalog, providing your customers all the information they need to make a buying decision.


Use marketing videos in your e-catalog to showcase how your key products can be used or worn, and leave little for the imagination.

Simple navigation & order taking

order taking software with simple navigation


Smart search and business filters enable quick product selection using any combination of item properties. For example, all gold rings within a specific price range that are on promotion.

Variant views

Quickly zero-in on all variants of a product, such as color and size, with a one and two-dimensional matrix view.


Pepperi’s e-catalog software enables reps to tag items as favorites for quick access when engaging customers.

Order taking

Enable your field sales reps and your customers to effortlessly place orders using an integrated B2C-like shopping cart.

Optimized to boost your sales

e-catalog software that boosts your sales

Multiple catalogs

Create multiple catalogs for seasons, markets, currencies, for your B2B customers, and for tradeshows. There’s no limit.

Sort to sell

Products in the e-catalog are sorted by price (to increase margin), by stock level (to optimize stock), and by previous sales to customer (to facilitate reordering).

Special offers

Pepperi e-Catalog software highlights products on special offer in prime real estate on the page.

Upsell and cross-sell

Up-sell and cross-sell offers are presented to the sales rep as items are selected to be added to the shopping cart.

Product sets

Complementary items are promoted to form a coordinated set, and increase order value.

Inventory levels

Products no longer in stock or below a certain stock level are hidden from your e-catalog to eliminate back orders.

Web & mobile, offline & online

e-cataolog software that you can use on and offline

Native mobile app

Pepperi e-Catalogs are designed and built as native apps for mobile tablets and the web.

Any tablet device - BYOD

Your sales reps present an interactive e-catalog to your customers via any mobile tablet device they might have – iOS or Android.

Publish to your B2B e-commerce storefront

Publish your e-catalogs to your B2B customers via your website or mobile storefront app.

Offline mode

Pepperi e-catalog software is fully operational while your mobile is offline, so online connectivity or performance is never a worry.

Flexible to meet your specific needs

flexible e-catalog that meets your specific needs

Simple set up

Pepperi’s catalog management software includes a simple wizard-driven setup – no IT resources required. You can create online catalogs and be up and running in less than one day.

Fully configurable

Configure the look & feel, organization, and navigation of your online e-catalog to make it an integral extension of your brand.

Adapt any time

Pepperi’s e-Catalog software allows you to configure sales ordering workflows to match the way you would like to do business, and change whenever you like.

Back-end integration

Integrate to your back-office systems – PIM, accounting, ERP, and Order Management – to quickly set up your interactive e-Catalog and always present current product details, such as pricing, inventory, and more.