6 – Returns

Businesses often deal with returns as a routine part of their operations.

Each wholesaler sets its own terms and conditions for accepting returned products. Pepperi offers the flexibility to tailor return rules based on wholesalers’ preferences. This includes the ability to implement different rules for various customer groups or product categories.

Let’s explore the Returns management page.

Here, we can set time limits on eligible returned products. For instance, we can permit returns only for products purchased within the past two weeks. Additionally, each returned item can be tagged with the reason for its return.

Upon completion, customers have the choice to receive credit to their account or a full refund.

The request can be sent to the relevant manager for approval.

There’s also an option to schedule pick-ups for returns of packages or materials that need to be recycled or refilled.

This feature caters well for beverage companies managing returns of bottles, barrels and crates, or other wholesalers dealing with liquids such as chemicals or oils that must be returned.

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