5 – Pepperi Rule Engine

Pepperi’s Rule Engine is one of the strongest features of the Platform. You can easily implement your own business rules in our back office. Pepperi works according to a “Profile” principal, so you can define different rules for various Reps or Buyer profiles.

Here are few examples of rules that can easily be implemented in Pepperi:

Minimum order value per customer: If the customer tries to submit an order lower than the defined minimum, you can block the order from being submitted and set a pop-up message to display to instruct the buyer or rep to increase the order value. Alternatively, you can allow the order to be submitted and send it to a manager for review before integration into the ERP.

Another example: A rule for Free shipping above a certain order value.

If the customer doesn’t reach that minimum amount for free shipping, Pepperi can display a pop-up message to encourage him to increase his order value to take advantage of the offer.

Pepperi can block orders from customers who have gone over their credit limit. Alternatively, these orders can be submitted and routed to a manager for approval instead directly sent to the ERP.

These are just a few examples of Pepperi’s Business Rule Engine. Contact us today to learn more.

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