Pepperi Universal Plugin

Pepperi Universal Plugin – an integral component of the Pepperi platform – enables you to connect Pepperi to almost any cloud-based system and dozens of on-premise systems. Configure and orchestrate bi-directional integration directly from the Pepperi Web Admin.







Key Benefits

  • Reuse of existing web services, knowledge, and assets
  • Short time-to-market vs. API integration
  • Prebuilt, proven integration
  • Your sales team and customers take informed decisions based on accurate inventory, customer, and accounting data
  • Your product catalog images and other catalog media content are maintained in one centric place and are synced automatically to Pepperi.
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes by getting real-time instant response from your back-end system once you place order, create an account, or report an in-store merchandising activity
  • The Pepperi Universal Plugin is integral to the Pepperi platform and is therefore fully covered under Pepperi’s Support services

Key Features

  • Data is automatically synced between Pepperi and your back-end systems, providing and leveraging:
    • Real-time validation processing
    • Scheduling per business entity that is synchronized
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Integration logs
  • Orders, invoices and other transaction types entered by your reps or customers into Pepperi are immediately created and available in your back-end systems
  • Open and flexible integration configuration from within the Pepperi Web Admin enables you to change the integration dataflow, and monitor integration data exchange