Dazzle your customers with a stunning e-Catalog

Sales rep software that creates stunning e-catalogs

Unlimited dynamic categories

Group your products into product categories and subcategories. Segment your products further using business filters such as stock levels, price levels, and valid-through dates.

Multiple catalogs

Maintain different catalogs for different seasons, currencies, and markets; provide your sales reps with a different catalog than your B2B customers will use on your storefront.

Hi-res presentation

Showcase your products with high resolution images, including retina display, and bring your product to life.

Multiple view options

Show up to six hi-res pictures per product, in a variety of views, from different angles and in various colors and settings.

Fully Customizable

Configure your catalog presentation with smart search and filter options, custom fields, and a look and feel to match your brand and your way of doing business.

PDF attachments & video links

Reps clinch deals by presenting marketing collateral such as videos, instructions and how-to demos that promote your brand.

Order faster than you thought possible

Order taking app that is seamless, quick and easy to use

Smart search

Search products by category, sub-category and any combination of product attributes. Use business filters to further narrow down results to locate your items in seconds. Watch Pepperi mobile order taking app clip.

Single view of the customer

With Pepperi’s sales rep software, reps can take informed decisions by quickly accessing a customer’s sales order history, shipments, outstanding debts, invoices, and top selling items.

Complete product information

Detailed information page for a product enables immediate responses to all of your customers’ questions.

Speedy ordering

With Pepperi’s field sales software, you have the ability to duplicate and manipulate past orders, use a barcode scanner to take orders, order by prepacks, units of measurement, and mix and match options for speedy ordering and less inputting.

Complex orders made simple

Assign a future order date, split an order by delivery date, and assign multiple shipment addresses to an account. Quickly order items by any two attributes, such as size and color, using a two-dimension order matrix.

Capture any sales transaction

Pepperi’s sales rep software allows your reps to capture all types of transactions performed with your customers – sales orders, quotes, returns, stock checks, and any other custom transaction you perform.

Increase order size and margins

sales rep app that can actually increase order size and margins

Trade promotions

Define cross-sell and upsell promotions such as Buy X, get Y for free; Buy X, get Y at Z% discount; Buy Bundle/Package X and get $ towards Package Y; and more.

Special offers

Introduce special offers that can be automatically inserted into the order to eliminate stagnant inventory, promote end-of-season or end-of-life goods, etc.

Multiple pricelists

Define different pricelists for different customers or regions, and take orders in whatever currency your customers wish to pay with Pepperi’s mobile sales app.

Discount policy

Define discount thresholds, approval workflows, and which products may not be discounted at all.

Margin checks

Enable reps to apply discounts at the order or line level and set profit margins right in the cart with Pepperi’s field sales software.

Publish and communicate

Instantly publish and communicate pricelist changes, offers, promotions, and business notifications.

Bring your own device – iOS or Android

BYOD for sales reps and order taking

Optimized user experience

Pepperi Mobile Order taking app is available as a native app for iPad and Android. This means optimal performance no matter what device your reps use.

Lower costs

BYOD for your sales operations means that you are not required to standardize and buy expensive devices for your sales teams.

Perfect for independent sales reps

Pepperi sales rep software lets your independent sales reps continue to use the device of their choice, without having to worry about app compatibility.

Offline mode means no downtime – ever

sales rep software that is both usable online and offline

No connectivity? No problem

Internet connectivity and speed never interfere with productivity – use Pepperi’s mobile sales order app at trade shows, show rooms, and retail stores without worrying about internet access. All functionality is available when working in offline mode.


Synchronization between Pepperi order capture system and your ERP or accounting system occurs automatically once connectivity is established.

Offline printing

Although Pepperi is an online ordering system, sales orders, quotes, invoices, product descriptions, etc. can all be printed when offline

See the whole picture with seamless ERP integration

ERP shows Pepperi mobile order taking

Make informed decisions

Pepperi’s field sales software integrates to 60+ ERP and accounting systems to equip reps with all the sales rep tools and information needed to make smart sales decisions.

Sell what you have

Access to up-to-date inventory levels while on the road means that you’ll never again take orders that cannot be fulfilled.

Minimize order-to-cash cycle

Orders captured in the Pepperi mobile sales order app are automatically transmitted for validation and sales order processing in your ERP or accounting system.