Boost field staff productivity

Route accounting

Efficient stock taking

Pepperi Route Accounting software enables route reps to quickly take stock of merchandise, replenish goods, optimize shelf space, and ensure retailers never run low on best-selling products.

Complex pricing options made easy

Define unique price lists per customer with special offers, cross-sell and upsell promotions, discounts, and multiple price lists.

Quick order taking, invoicing, and payment collection

Quickly and easily take orders and process returns at the store, issue invoices, collect payment, and capture electronic proof of all business transactions performed.

Increase your pre-sales and peddle sales

Pepperi Route Accounting turns your route staff into sales consultants as they access sales order history, identify best-sellers and trend-setters and drive sales while offering insightful merchandising input.

Optimize your distribution logistics with dynamic routing

Route accounting software ipad screen showing dynamic route planning and filters

Schedule routes

Plan routes using customized business filters to optimize stops and easily manage routing changes. Pepperi’s Route Accounting solution integrates with popular mobile GPS navigation apps to minimize travel time and transportation costs.

Track vehicles and drivers

Every activity performed in Pepperi Route Accounting is geo-tagged and time-stamped, providing full control and visibility of your route staff operations.

Satisfy your customers

A well-managed route means you can visit more customers, notify your customers of more accurate delivery times, and provide electronic proof of delivery.

Increase profitability

Choose the most efficient travel route and move route sales staff through more stores faster, fulfilling orders more accurately for decreased costs per route and increased profit margin per driver/route/product line/customer.

Arm your route staff with turnkey sales tools

sales promition screen on ipad available in Pepperi route accounting system

Back office data at your fingertips

Link your route staff with client, product and pricing data directly from your back office to better advise retailers on merchandising, stocking and re-ordering.


Designed and optimized for iOS and Android, Pepperi’s Route Accounting Software runs natively on your drivers’ existing and future mobile devices, reducing hardware costs.

Enticing e-catalogs

Drive pre-sales and spot sales with fully customizable e-catalogs with unlimited dynamic categories, multiple view options, hi-res product pictures, and advanced search and and multi-language/multi-currency capabilities.

Increased inventory and sales visibility

route accounting software showing ipad screen with sales and inventory visibility

Inventory control

Route Accounting allows for real-time tracking of on-the-go, delivered, damaged and returned inventory. Minimize your operational costs by quickly locating products while speeding up fulfillment times.


Control your lead time, order quantity and interval replenishment to keep shelves stocked, eliminate stagnant inventory, promote end-of-season or end-of-life goods in order to reduce costs.

Accurate sales insights

Rely on real-time sales reporting. Know now what products are selling fastest, at which locations. Track customer purchases and instantly identify increases and decreases and the impact of different pricing strategies.

Secure transaction settlement

a function of the Pepperi route accounting software

Flexible payment methods

Cash, check, credit cards, or through back office accounting.

E-payment options abound

Pepperi Route Accounting Software integrates to popular payment gateways to ensure your customers experience secure payment and invoicing.

On-site collection

Reduce the time between delivery and payment.

Seamlesss integration

Seamless integration - route accounting

Sync now

Online and offline syncing of all sales, product, customer, and pricing details to your ERP system with full audit trail.

Bi-directional integration

Integration with Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and 60+ of the top ERP and accounting systems, with automatic 2-way integration to customer, inventory, order, and invoicing data.

Route Accounting System

The route accounting solution is one module out of our integrated suite of sales solutions. Learn more about how Pepperi may propel your business.