9 – Trade Promotions

Pepperi’s Trade Promotions module is designed to supercharge your sales strategy. It’s built to boost order sizes and steer your customers toward the products you want them to buy.

Configuring promotions is a breeze, tailored for marketers or sales personnel without the need for any technical expertise. Once set up, these promotions are instantly rolled out to your field-sales reps, merchandisers, online Tele-sales team, and also to your B2B eCommerce customers.

What types of promotions can you create? The answer is “Anything you can imagine”. A popular promotion is: “Buy over $X, get Y% off”, or a general discount on a product line such as fruits and vegetables.

There’s also an “Item Promotion” model, like this example:

Buy 10 units, and get a 5 percent discount. Keep going and the system nudges you to buy more, revealing the extra units needed to unlock the next discount tier.

You can motivate customers further by offering an even sweeter deal: Buy 20 for a 6 percent discount, or 30 for 10 percent off.

Other promotions could be – “Buy X from one category, get Y free from another”

Or quantity-based promotions such as “Buy X number of products for a specific price.”

Or Buy X number of products for a specific percentage discount. You can also Mix between different types of promotions to create a customized strategy that fits your goals perfectly.

Sending these enticing offers as part of an email campaign is a breeze. Insert the deep link in an email and your customers are directly sent to the relevant campaign in your B2B eCommerce site.

There are unlimited types of promotions that can be implemented in Pepperi. If you’ve got a specific promotion in mind that we haven’t covered, then reach out to schedule a call or a demo.

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