Mobile route and activity planning

Mobile Route and activity planning with mobile merchandising software

Map your customers

Display all your customer stores on a map and leverage visual aids to differentiate between them using criteria such as revenue tiers, business status, and debt level.

Who to visit?

Hone in on the stores to visit by interactively filtering the stores based on any combination of business rules, including regions, previous visit dates, store sales, compliance issues, and more.

Drag to schedule

Pepperi Mobile Merchandising makes scheduling fun.Managers drag the stores from the map to the calendar to immediately schedule in-store visits, and publish the schedule to your field reps’ calendars.

Assign activities

Assign the activities to be performed by your merchandisers at the store at the scheduled time. Their tablet and smartphone calendars will be updated immediately.

Retail execution and visual merchandising

Retail execution on mobile

In-store data collection

Enable your merchandisers to easily capture information about new product introductions, customer satisfaction, competition, point of sale advertising, and visit reports via structured, configurable mobile forms and surveys.

Picture taking

Snap pictures of product displays and tag by them by account and geo-location, to enable operations managers that ability to monitor a location’s compliance with shelf display planograms and contractual terms.

Stock taking

Pepperi Mobile Merchandising enables field reps to quickly take stock of merchandise, make recommendations for replenishment, optimize shelf space, ensure there are no stockouts and retailers never run low on best-selling items.

Order taking

Modern merchandising solutions, like Pepperi, equip your reps to go beyond traditional merchandising activities: quickly and easily take orders at the store, collect outstanding debts, upsell and cross-sell, and capture electronic proof of all sales transactions performed. Learn more.

In-store retail audits

In-store retail audits with mobile merchandising software

Customizable forms

Configure, in just a few clicks, the forms to be filled in by your merchandizers. Define optional and mandatory fields, field types, drop-down values, and validation rules. There’s no limit to the number of forms you define.

Structured auditing

Merchandisers use their Pepperi mobile merchandising software to quickly capture audit information for product pricing, planograms, compliance to promotional plans, and more.

Online and off-line

Pepperi’s mobile merchandising app is designed and built for seamless online-offline operation. Retail audits never suffer due to poor internet connectivity.

Retail execution monitoring

Retail execution monitoring with mobile merchandising

Real-time visibility

Pepperi’s retail monitoring software allows you to see what your merchandisers see by easily accessing and reporting on in-store visual merchandising activities, photos taken, and issues raised.

Activity monitoring

Improve your field sales operations and optimize your planning by monitoring your team’s adherence to their planned activities

Discover opportunities

Pepperi mobile merchandising software provides you visibility into compliance issues, competitive pricing, the success of new product introductions, and other business opportunities.

Field Collaboration

Field reps can view visit and activity reports performed by team mates that visited the same customer to ensure full visibility of customer interactions


Mobile merchandising Integration software

60+ ERP & Accounting Systems

Pepperi mobile merchandising software is integrated to 60+ ERP and accounting systems, with automatic 2-way integration to customer, inventory, order, and invoicing data. Read more.

Plugin integration

We provide pre-built integration plugins to many of the leading ERP and accounting packages, making integration painless, quick, and reliable. Read more.


Our integration is fully encrypted to ensure your data is never compromised. We are ISO 27001 and ISAE (SaaS-70) compliant, meaning security is our #1 concern.

Solution suite

Mobile merchandising is one module out of our integrated suite of sales solutions. Learn more about how Pepperi may propel your business.