Define the data that should flow between Pepperi and your Reckon system – products, pricing, invoices, debts, and more – and the frequency of updates. Then let Pepperi ensure that your sales reps and customers always have all the information they need at their fingertips, and that your Reckon system is always up-to-date with your sales transactions.







Simple & code-free integration to Reckon

Quickly and easily set up integration to your Reckon system. No coding or programming knowledge is required.

Pepperi continually syncs ALL the business data relevant to your sales processes between Pepperi and Reckon:

  • Sales transactions: sales orders, returns, quotes, stock counts, and any other transaction performed in the field
  • Products: item details, stock levels, variants, categories, and other attributes
  • Pricing: price levels and quantity pricing
  • Customers: sales rep assignment, price level assignment, balance details, and more

Real-time integration

Every transaction that your reps place in the field is validated – in real time – against your Reckon system. This means that your reps receive immediate response within the Pepperi app, so that they can correct any data that is in error, right on the spot.

If, for some reason, internet connectivity is not available, Pepperi queues up your sales transactions in the app, and transfers them to Reckon once internet connectivity is re-established.

Reliability for your peace of mind

Integration to Reckon is built natively into Pepperi, no 3rd party integration software is involved.

Monitor your Reckon Reckonbetween Pepperi and Reckon.

Pepperi informs you whenever integration errors occur via email alerts, providing you all the information you need to quickly resolve errors.

Configurable to your needs

Pepperi integration to Reckon is fully configurable.

You get to define which business entities to sync between the systems (items, customers, sales orders, invoices, returns, etc.), and which data elements are needed for each business entity.

This flexibility means that you can support your specific business needs today, and easily adapt Pepperi as your business needs change.

Bi-directional data sync

Customers, sales orders, and other business transactions that are created in Pepperi are synced with Reckon.

All item information, pricing, invoicing, and payments are synced from Reckon to Pepperi.


Cloud-based integration

Our integration software is cloud-based, which means that you are not required to install any integration software or hardware.

In addition, being cloud-based means that you gain immediate access to all the improvements that we continually introduce to our software without needing to worry about complex and costly software upgrades.