Invigorate your sales with Pepperi for Beauty & Healthcare

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Invigorate your sales with Pepperi for Beauty & Healthcare

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If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler of cosmetics, healthcare or personal care products, Pepperi is the solution that can supercharge your B2B sales while cutting order processing costs by 30% or more.

Selling cosmetics, nutraceuticals, medical devices, dental supplies etc. to salons, clinics and stores requires that your sales reps present product catalogs and related information while engaging with clients on the go, even without data connectivity.

At the same time, your customers need an easy way to self-serve via an online storefront. B2B eCommerce with smart search and filtering, flexible pricing and promotions, along with BI dashboards will better service your customers and your bottom line.


Pepperi gives our sales reps all the information and tools they need to take orders quickly and efficiently. It really makes them more productive.

Melanie Hill, Business Manager, Beacon Pharma

Melanie Hill, Business Manager, Beacon Pharma


Pepperi equips your sales force and customers with e-catalogs accessible via mobile devices — always up to date with crucial product information — enabling informed decision-making. The e-catalog presents stock availability, pictures, wish lists and full product information (including merchandise items), with PDF attachments and videos for ingredient lists, drug facts, tutorials and any other vital product information. Multiple catalogs can be created, per brand and per customer.

Mobile Order Taking

  • With all information at their fingertips, sales reps educate beauty professionals and strengthen your brand: they can show promotional material, user instructions, product ingredients, discuss compliance certification (e.g. FDA), and show how-to and makeover demonstrations.
  • Sales reps place orders quickly and efficiently by selecting relevant products from the e-catalog (using matrix ordering of product variants) or by leveraging previous orders (order history).
  • Reps can search and filter products by subcategories and any product attribute, such as size, color, material, ingredients, allergens, UV protection and impermeability.
  • Managers have a code-free, simple way to quickly change price structures, introduce promotions and more.

B2B eCommerce

Let your customers self-serve 24×7 through your web and mobile B2B eCommerce storefront

  • Ensure that your customers are always well-stocked with your products, samples and testers.
  • Assign different catalogs to different customers with different pricing schemes, discounts, promotions, shipping options etc.
  • Monitor your customers’ online purchasing and minimize shopping cart abandonment.

Trade Promotions

Increase order size & gross margins

With Pepperi you can manage complex trade promotions across all channels simultaneously, using an intuitive user interface. Showcase new products, eliminate stagnant inventory and promote bundles/packages in catalogs, search results or carts using a range of incentives such as personalized promotions and discounts according to predefined logic.

Order Management

View and approve sales orders and customer self-service purchases from a consolidated view of all your sales transactions. Pepperi web-based order management provides you with insights into top selling items, sales by stores and by products, and is integrated with your ERP or accounting system to ensure data integrity is never compromised.

order management dashboard

Mobile CRM

CRM software for on-the-go sales teams

Centralize all sales activities and relevant customer information for each account via a native, mobile app. Sales reps and managers can view and manage tasks, visit summaries, reminders, goal-tracking reports, sales history and more – all in a single customer view that is accessible even when offline.

Retail Execution

Gain control over in-store activities performed by your field reps to maximize product sales. Plan and schedule store visits, including travel routes, and provide your reps with a simple means of capturing retail audits and surveys. Geo-tagged photos of planograms and competitive displays can be later reviewed for compliance issues.

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