Unlock Your Sales Reps’ Superpowers with Unified B2B Commerce

With Pepperi, the power is in your hands!

Video transcript:

Every sales superhero needs a sidekick. Your team’s secret weapon? Pepperi’s Unified B2B Commerce Platform – your new reliable ally to secure your rep’s top sales position.

Pepperi transform’s your reps from “order takers” into trusted advisors – where they can focus more on higher-value accounts while your customers ‘self-serve’ with a personalized ‘B2C-like’ buyer experience – allowing reps to earn while off-duty.

Pepperi displays real-time products, pricing and promotions relevant to each specific customer type, allowing them to get familiar with your products through the eCatalog.

Reps can swoop in when a customer shows interest but doesn’t purchase – and also if a customer isn’t active enough and needs extra attention.

With Pepperi’s unified sales solution, it’s not man vs. machine. Your reps become sales-superheros, typically boosting revenues by 20% and enhancing both the customer and rep’s buyer experience.

With Pepperi, the power is in your hands!


About Pepperi

Accelerate growth, reduce overhead & improve transparency by connecting your field sales and e-Commerce on a unified, flexible, enterprise-grade platform.

Pepperi is a Cloud-based B2B sales platform used by leading brands and wholesale distributors to connect all B2B sales touch points, to deliver a seamless purchasing experience.

We empower our customers to sell bigger, smarter and faster, by integrating B2B eCommerce, sales force automation, retail execution, and route-accounting on a single, highly flexible platform, that runs natively on all mobile devices.

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