Podcast 3: Tech Salescraft: Ofer Yourvexel, CEO & Co Founder at Pepperi

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As the CEO and Co-Founder of Pepperi (a platform that is rapidly changing the way firms engages with the retail space), Ofer Yourvexel is truly at the frontline of innovation and growth in the sales sector. From exceptional funding rounds, to the acquisition of new clients, Ofer and the team at Pepperi have undoubtedly capitalised on market opportunities to propel the business forwards. Yet what is striking about Ofer’s approach to business amidst this success, is his ability to execute the basics brilliantly. Exploring the fundamentals of leadership and successful talent acquisition, Ofer’s conversation with James on Tech Salescraft is a compelling reminder as to why we must provide our businesses with a strong foundation.

“You need to be ready to sacrifice things in the short-term for the benefit of the long-term strategy.”

Whilst rapid growth may be highly tempting, and often distracting, it is crucial firms address their weaknesses and understand their marketplace position before moving forwards. If one rushes into the next phase of growth without addressing potentially debilitating issues, it could be a move that damages the firm and eradicates the viability of long-term adoption. Ofer places this vital point in the context of expansion to North America. Whilst this has the potential to be a highly lucrative venture, Ofer didn’t believe the product was at optimal performance, nor that they had the right funding to execute this well. Addressing these issues and putting this element of the growth plan on hold allowed North American expansion to be embedded into the long-term strategy successfully.

“What is important? What is not important? What is going to differentiate us from our competitors?”

Asking these multi-faceted questions and making decisions in relation to these informs one’s strategy. Ofer ensured these questions were presented at an early stage, and in answering them it brought the firm rapid profitability and industry recognition. Identifying what differentiates your firm, and highlighting priorities that align with your mission, will inform your strategy. Subsequently, Ofer stresses that once the latter has been addressed you can acquire talent and a leadership team that enters the business with a clear understanding of the direction the business will take. Having established values, a digestible vision, and a comprehensive culture, provides a firm with a vital basis from which they can flourish.

Ofer’s discussion with James offers an eye-opening and relevant approach to the sales sector. A running them in recent episodes is the importance of transforming ambition into an accountable strategy. Ofer reiterates this vital message- and his undeniable success is proof adopting such an approach can work. Tech Salescraft is always delighted to showcase the work of industry greats, and so to have Ofer on the show was a true pleasure! Listen to this brilliant conversation now to accelerate the abilities and potential of your firm!

Tech Sales Influencers podcast is hosted by James Hounslow, Managing Director at Harrington Starr and features a range of fascinating guests at the forefront of the industry!

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