Food & Beverage B2B Commerce Platform

  • B2B online store

    Boost visits

    Shorten sales rep visits and transform your team into 'trusted advisors'

  • Feature Ordering Predefined Order Lists

    Reduce support calls

    Reps can access previous orders and invoices, detailed product information and live inventory levels

  • Minimize order errors

    Consolidate and approve orders with automated workflows & rules

  • Trade Promotions Discount

    Increase order size

    Cross and up-sell items and bundles in catalogs, search results or cart

  • E-Payments


    Accept payments with seamless integration to payment gateways

  • Feature BI Annual Buyer Report for Reps


    Powerful interactive sales trends analysis & comparative dashboards

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Key Food & Beverage Features:

b2b pricing


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Trade Promotions

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b2b pricing


Flexible UOM (Unit of Measure)

Offer the same products in various units of measure and support pricing, discounts and surcharges for each

Account Contracts
Account Contracts

Tailor pricing based on the contractual terms such as volume discounts, long-term commitments

Item Hierarchy
Item Hierarchy

Offer different price points within the hierarchy based on categories, subcategories, and specific items

Trade Promotions Discount
Discount Recalculation

Calculate discounts based on various predetermined loyalty programs and multiple tier levels

Assortment Pricing

Group similar items together for quantity price breaks at multiple tier levels

Tax Calculations
Tax Calculations

Support different tax calculations, such as municipal vs state tax, on different item types such as alcohol

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Feature Ordering Multi Store Buyer
Multi-Store Buyer

Add multiple accounts under one designated buyer who purchases for all their stores

Feature Ordering Predefined Order Lists
Predefined Order Lists

Create unlimited predefined order lists and save them under different names for future orders

Maximum Order Limitation
Maximum Order Limitation

Preventing a single customer from hoarding all the available quantity

order cutoff times
Order Cutoff Times

Set cutoff times including different cut off times across multiple time zones

Trade Promotions icon

Trade Promotions

Variety Discounts
Variety Discounts

Order 'X' and 'Y' and offer 'Z' for free

Trade Promotions Mix and Match
Mix and Match

Buy multiple SKUs mix and match get $Y off / get Y% off

Trade Promotions End of Order
End of Order

Spend over $X and get item Y free / get $Y off / get Y% off

Trade Promotions Category Threshold
Category Threshold

Buy more than $X amount from a category or a list, and receive a discount on the order level

Inventory icon


Feature Inventory Multi Warehouse Inventory
Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Assign each account/sales rep to one warehouse

Feature Inventory On the Fly Stock Prioritization
Stock Taking

Check and update all inventory and push the data back to the ERP

Inventory On the Fly Stock Prioritization
On-the-Fly Stock Prioritization

Automatically prioritize ‘Quantity Available’ for carts with multiple duplicate line items of the same SKU

Feature Inventory Real Time Inventory Prices
Real-Time Inventory / Prices

Provide access to real-time inventory and pricing

BI Business Intelligence icon


Target Dashboards

Track your sales reps by any targets

Feature BI Self Service Visualization Reports
Year over Year (YoY) Charts

Compare current annual sales with previous years

Analytics Top Selling Items
Top-Selling Items

View top-selling items in different accounts/regions

Feature BI Annual Buyer Report for Reps
Scorecards Information

Display the value of current/monthly orders, against targets

Why Pepperi B2B Sales Platform for Food & Beverage?

  • All-in-one platform for wholesalers with a single backoffice
  • Unparalleled out-of-the-box functionality, ease of use & configurability
  • Native online/offline mobile and Web
  • White-label app (Google Play & App Store)
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