Pepperi Integration with File Exchange

Pepperi provides an automated file exchange system as part of the Pepperi platform that enables you to automatically upload data to Pepperi and update your back-end systems with data from Pepperi.





Key Benefits

  • Reuse existing file exchange integration resources if such are deployed with legacy systems.
  • Your sales team and clients take informed decisions based on accurate inventory and accounting data
  • The Pepperi Exchange System is integral to the Pepperi platform and is therefore fully covered under Pepperi’s Support services.

Key Features

  • Automatic and immediate data updates from Pepperi to a dedicated secured FTP folder hosted by Pepperi
  • Smart mapping tool – maps your CSV file to Pepperi’s Data Model
  • Generates any file structure your system requires from Pepperi’s data update XML files
  • Data is automatically synced between Pepperi and your back-end systems by defining sync time-intervals per business entity that is integrated
  • Orders, invoices and other transaction types entered by your reps or customers into Pepperi are immediately created and available in your back-end systems