If you are a watch or jewelry company attending Baselworld 2019, the focal point of the industry, you will want to showcase your range, creations and innovations to their best advantage.

With over 600 brands exhibiting their collections, and more than 100,000 attendees at the fair, having a comprehensive, automated sales tool like Pepperi is essential to efficiently take sales orders while providing a memorable buying experience for your brand’s distributors.

Luminox - Pepperi customer

Pepperi In Action

One year after implementing a mobile sales solution, Frederique Constant are seeing impressive increases in both sales, up by 10%, and in sales rep productivity at trade shows, like Baselworld, and in the field.

By using Pepperi to help standardize their sales procedures and reduce the time to take and process orders, Frederique Constant have been able to maintain a competitive edge by providing the best possible sales experience for their customers in the challenging, fast-paced luxury watch market.


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Solution Overview

mobile order taking for Jewelrey and watches industry

Mobile Order Taking

• Smart searches and advanced filters enable reps to find exactly what they are looking for in seconds
• Detailed information page for each product allows quick responses to customers' questions
• Orders can be taken in a snap at Baselworld 2019 using a wireless barcode scanner
• Range selections and photo quotations are created and emailed to your customers in seconds
• Cross-selling and upselling increase average order size

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Customizable e-Catalog

Customizable e-Catalog

• Looks sophisticated but is easy-to-use
• Show up to six hi-res pictures per product, in a variety of views, along with attachments and video links
• Reps can save valuable time at Baselworld 2019 with integrated, ready-made order templates
• Ability to sort by price/inventory level & indicate special offers means quicker ordering

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Offline Mode - Means no downtime

Offline Mode - Means no downtime

• Internet connectivity and speed never interfere with productivity
• Sales reps can take orders and access information about products and customers at all times
• Synchronization (e.g. with an ERP system) occurs automatically once a connection is established
• Zero order loss from technical failures

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built in mobile crm capabilities

Built-in CRM Capabilities

• Syncs with calendar, emails and contacts, allowing reps to be well-organized
• Reps can easily record and keep track of names and positions of people they talk with
• Action items and tasks can be assigned and managed on the spot while you are still at BaselWorld 2019
• Customisable dashboard gives full history snapshot of customer instantly
• Captures meeting details and enables scheduling of required after show actions

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enhance customer satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

• Dramatically reduces errors caused by using pen and paper
• Increased security - no confidential paperwork required on trade stand
• Print PDF orders and quotes instantly, offline at BaselWorld 2019
• Eliminates orders taken for merchandise that is not in stock
• Quicker delivery – often while your customers are still at the show

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See you at BaselWorld 2019!