Vintage Foods | Customer Testimonial

"We are now averaging a 22% increase"
Suleyman Baskoylu, CEO, Vintage Foods

Video transcript:
Hi everyone. My name is David, I did the implementation of Vintage Foods back in 2018. New Jersey based, specializing in specialty Mediterranean food, 750 customers, 250 suppliers, 2,300 SKU’s, 20 reps. So they are doing B2B as well as sales reps.

Branded login, custom URL storefront – it’s not just the login, it’s also the custom URL, so it’s kind of the similar spirit of the branded app. It’s just instead of telling your customers to go to you can say and so you do that and you get the Vintage login.

I actually live in Florida there’s a very small store there named Designia Market and I noticed when I was walking through, because I’m a nerd and I always do this, I check the products and where they actually came from, and I noticed that most of them actually came from Vintage and I talked to the owner. I said, “you order most of your products from Vintage?” And he said, “yes”.

And I said, “I worked for Pepperi; I make their ordering software.” I thought he was going to hug me. He’s like “I love Pepperi so much, it’s so easy to take orders, I can log in, I can see what is in stock, I can see my old invoices, I wish all of my suppliers had Pepperi!”

It seems like a subtle thing to be able to see the invoices; think how many customers were calling customer support saying what is this invoice from September like what did I buy there, was this paid already? All of this information is now available from logging in. 89% reduction of calls as a result of implementing the B2B, so there we go.

Dynamic and special pricing – we do the rule engine so that when the Pepperi customer logs in they see the correct pricing. Because it really is quite amazing that there is an ability to code something custom within an application, whatever you can really imagine, as long as it’s standard JavaScript notation, any rule, any combination of functions you might want to do works and it doesn’t break the system. It doesn’t slow it down.

Cutoff dates by item availability- the concept is that when you add something to the order there is a future date associated with the availability. So instead of saying that something’s out of stock you can say that it is available at this date. If we know the date that the product is coming and we know it’s not in here today, it gives the customer the option instead of saying that the item is not available it gives the customer the option to say, “okay I understand it’s not available until December 15th”. Then you have options. You can either remove the item from the order or you can say, “Okay I understand I want this item, I’m not in a rush for this order, I’m going to change the delivery date to November.” This little symbol goes away, and it allows you to submit the order.

Geolocation capture on order submission – when you submit an order it captures the GPS coordinates based on the iPad’s GPS of where the person is when they submitted the order. So, you can tell if that person was really where they were supposed to be when they submitted the order.

Sales restrictions on items- just using standard Pepperi custom tables and rule engine hypothetically we could say that some items are only available for certain states. There are a lot of business reasons you might want to do this or restrict item or you know not just by state by any reason. Or you know certain customers may not have an alcohol license and you want to hide the alcohol products etc. And again pretty easy to set this up.

Benefits – hi my name is Suleyman Baskoylu (Vintage Foods CEO). People think about sales increase or cost minimization but the benefit of things like Pepperi is time. If my sales rep takes an order and it drops into my system in a minute, I can prepare that order in my house right away and the next morning the customer gets it; then it is a very big contribution to your business. In the first six months, annual basis, we got 17%. At the end of the first year we got 20%. Then the next couple of years we are now averaging a 22% increase. So this Pepperi on the iPad is a perfect solution for us.


About Vintage Foods

Vintage Foods has been one of the largest sources of premium Mediterranean specialty food products since 1992. Having a wide variety over 2500 dry, cold and frozen food products, Vintage Foods carries many of the leading and most trusted brands from around the world.


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