Pepperi provides 2 API endpoints types:

1.  RESTful API

A standard REST-based API, which provides access to Pepperi’s data objects, with a rich set of API features, including advanced data filters and definition of specific response fields.

2.  Bulk-upload API
Optimized for massive uploads of data into Pepperi – uploads quickly and efficiently large sets of data from your back-end systems into Pepperi – using either JSON or CSV –  in an asynchronous mode.







Key Benefits

  • Integrate and share your business back-end processes with Pepperi, your back-end systems and any other third-party system used in your organization.
  • Gain real-time transactional integration using Webhooks.
  • Enjoy super-fast data sync between Pepperi and your back-end systems.
  • Build bullet-proof integrations – leveraging Pepperi API error handling.
  • Build highly secured integrations – using Pepperi API over SSL and OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

Key Features

  • API access to standard Pepperi objects and fields as well as to User Defined Tables and User Defined Fields.
  • Integration using .NET, Java, PHP or any other development language that supports REST-based API.
  • Robust API filtering queries over your Pepperi data using familiar SQL style syntax.
  • Optimized data transfer by defining the desired set of fields of the API response.


Use Cases

  • Upload your initial data to Pepperi using bulk API.
  • Update Pepperi with every data change on your back-end system using standard REST API.
  • Use Webhooks to get real-time data updates from Pepperi and immediately insert or update your back-end data.
  • Create your own custom BI reports over the Pepperi data exposed in API.
  • Run monitoring API calls to ensure all your Pepperi data and back-end system data are well synced.

Partner Program

  • Develop Add-ons using Pepperi API
  • Publish your Add-ons on our integration directory
  • Join Partners Webinars
  • Get free training