Ibrahim Ghandi - Logistics and Project Manager

"Pepperi has made a measurable top and bottom-line impact on our sales, and we've only scratched the surface of Pepperi’s full capabilities. "

Angel Eyes increases average order size by 10% and reduces order processing errors by 99%


Angel Eyes opened its doors over a decade ago as a distributor of William Morris eyewear, and within two years developed its own collections of designer eyewear, including its Vinyl Factory and Freak Show brands.

The France-based company manages the entire process from design to production and distribution, and sells to opticians in France, the United States, Belgium, Israel, Holland, South Africa, and Brazil, with plans to expand to other markets internationally.


  • With a team of fifteen sales representatives taking and submitting sales orders manually, Angel Eyes sales reps were spending too little time building relationships with their B2B customers, and too much time following up on back-office errors and customer satisfaction issues.
  • Angel Eyes sales management was ill-equipped to easily publish and promote campaigns and special offers to the sales force in order to drive increased sales.
  • With an increasing number of international distributors selling Angel Eyes outside of France, sales management was communicating sales data via manually produced reports and e-mail.


  • Angel Eyes deployed the Pepperi mobile sales suite – to its sales reps, sales management, and international distributors – with bi-directional integration to its SAP Business One back-end ERP.
  • The sales team uses Pepperi as a central hub for all sales information, activities, and communications, and are able to perform account management, activity planning, order taking, in-store merchandising, and reporting on their mobile devices, while on the road. All data and functionality is available in off-line mode, making sporadic internet connectivity a non-issue
  • Angel Eyes distributors enter their orders in a self-service portal using the Pepperi B2B e-commerce storefront.
  • Sales management uses the application on their tablets to track sales rep productivity, distributor performance, plan sales activities, and to create and publish special offers and promotions.


  • Angel Eyes has achieved an impressive increase of 10% in average sales order size.
  • With the vast majority of their manual sales activities automated by the Pepperi app, reps have gained the time to visit 30% more customers.
  • Automation of the sales process, together with 2-way integration to SAP, has eliminated 99% errors made by manual order submission and reporting.