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Keune recovers lost sales and accelerates orders with Pepperi SFA

An inability to process orders captured in the field and an ineffective SFA app resulted in lost sales for Keune Haircosmetics Brazil. That’s when they turned to Pepperi. With an enterprise-grade SFA solution driving field sales, Keune quickly recaptured lost B2B sales and grew order volumes.


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We’re experiencing double digit YoY growth and our margins are also improving. Our entire team is delighted with Pepperi’s Sales Force Automation system.

Luiz Felipe Raskin, Project Manager

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Luiz Felipe Raskin, Project Manager

We’re experiencing double digit YoY growth and our margins are also improving. Our entire team is delighted with Pepperi’s Sales Force Automation system.

Luiz Felipe Raskin, Project Manager

Meet Keune Haircosmetics

In 1922 Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, became fascinated by curls. He developed a formula for a permanent fluid, replacing antiquated curling techniques involving heating curling irons over gas burners. It was an immediate success. The pharmacy closed its doors and Keune Haircosmetics was born.

Today, Keune has an extensive product line, ranging from hair colors, shampoos, conditioners and lotions, to masks, serums and other professional hair-care products, used in salons all over the world.


The challenge: Reviving sales

Hairstyling is a highly dynamic industry – hair salons regularly close, personnel turn-over is high and competition is stiff. Additionally, it’s a unique industry that blends technical expertise with creativity, requiring hair professionals to constantly sharpen their skills and keep up with emerging trends.

In light of that, Keune operates a large field sales team and manages sub-distributors in various regions, focusing on direct sales to hair salons. Additionally, Keune offers an extensive training program through its Hairstyling Academy, supporting sales by building brand loyalty.

“Selling beauty products B2B, to thousands of salons, while managing a large field sales team, is complex, so we rely on a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system to streamline our work and ensure managers are on top of things” said Luiz Felipe Raskin, Project Manager at Keune Brasil.

"We had a rough start with an alternative solution, due to an unfriendly user interface and the fact that sales orders from the field did not sync with our SAP ERP and got lost” added Mr. Raskin.

The right tool for the right job

“Our primary need was to get a reliable SFA system up and running, so that our field team could focus on their primary job - sales and relationship building - not on technicalities or clunky apps. This is where Pepperi truly shines” said Mr. Raskin.

“The impact was immediate, our entire sales team likes the Pepperi sales platform, finds the SFA app extremely intuitive and functional. It helps them get the job done in the most efficient and reliable way, and they can better serve our customers”.

Online/offline mobile extension of SAP B1

Secure, two-way integration with Keune’s SAP Business One ERP provides easy access to back office data, online and offline, be that sales history, inventory status, product data, images and more. It allows rep activities to be immediately synced with Keune’s ERP, even for SAP user-defined fields, so orders and call summaries are no longer lost.


Solution: State-of-art field sales

Pepperi empowers Keune to do much more with less effort, while growing business results:

  • Reliable order taking in the field, with easy-to-use online/offline native apps for iOS and Android, that sync perfectly with SAP B1 ERP for immediate processing
  • A beautifully designed e-catalog showcases products, giveaway merchandise (branded T-shirts, hats, posters etc.), inventory levels and automatically syncs so it’s always up to date
  • Mobile CRM provides complete customer information, including Keune-specific user-defined-fields, and is updated by reps with call summaries, action items and account-specific data (number of seats in each salon, competitive products used etc.)
  • Prospecting capability supports reps when opening new accounts (synced in real-time with the SAP ERP).
  • Training requests for the Keune Hairstyling Academy are submitted for approval via the app, enabling Keune to sponsor some requests and keep track of registrations.
  • To minimize order-to-cash times, approval workflows have been set with Keune’s exact business logic. Once approved, reps can track order status via the SFA app
  • Trade promotions are used to accelerate sales, through dynamic packages that let customers choose the products and incentives from pre-approved lists.
  • Personalized discount rates, part of the Keune loyalty program, are automatically presented and applied in the SFA app, reducing unnecessary calls to the office and improving customer experience.
  • Head office managers track overall and individual rep KPIs via dashboards and reports, providing guidance and support to assist reps in meeting their targets


Results: Sales and margins are up, 90% fewer support calls

The impact of rolling out Pepperi was immediate, with flawless field sales execution, instant processing of orders by the head office, and consistent growth in sales volumes.

“My most important KPI is my sales team’s satisfaction and with Pepperi it’s going through the roof. We experience a 90% drop in support calls from field staff."

“No more troubleshooting calls, no need to to check order status or find out special terms and discounts for customers… no more complaints in our staff meetings – Pepperi gets the job done “ commented Luiz Felipe Raskin, Project Manager at Keune Brasil.

“We’re experiencing double digit YoY growth in our sales and our margins are also improving. Our entire team is delighted with the Pepperi’s Sales Force Automation system.”

Furthermore, Pepperi’s unmatched flexibility, with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) editors and comprehensive configuration capabilities provide much needed business agility for Keune.

“I like Pepperi because our commercial team can use the DIY editors to manage things on their own, be those catalogs, pricing, discounts, promotions and forms. More complicated tasks such as defining custom fields or configuring new workflows are done by me or the IT team” added Mr. Raskin.

“It’s a real game changer to be able to do everything in-house, on our own. It makes us nimble. This is a key advantage we have with Pepperi”.

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